Tyler Hansbrough is so overrated that it’s not even funny. He gets to the free throw line a billion times per season (a ‘slight’ exaggeration). What kind of ‘leader’ allows a team (Maryland) to come back from 16 points in the second half? Ah, but you say Hansbrough isn’t the leader, do you? People need to stop making excuses to sugar coat Hansbrough. Let his flaws be and just say that he’s a hard working player who works hard for boards and gets a vast majority of his points from the free throw line. Now, I do understand that some miffy-mooky hard-headed North Carolina fan is going to visit my blog and leave a comment filled with loads of ignorant statistics about how versatile he is, but I don’t want to hear it. You cannot convince me otherwise.

Guess what, baby? I’m going to take as much sardonic and acerbic shots at Hansbrough as I can, because it feels good blasting away that guy. It feels great doing something that will make so many addle-minded North Carolina Tar Heels fans angry. I get to sit back, write sardonic words about Hansbrough, and read words sent back to me from people telling me how they disagree, how they think I’m a big idiot even though I’ve proven such legitimate points about the flaws in Hansbrough’s game.

Oh, and he won’t do anything  in the NBA, because he doesn’t have a consistent 15+ foot jump shot. He may be quite the decent energy guy (a la Anderson Varejao), but what more? He won’t be able to compete with the Tim Duncans and Kevin Garnetts. Even if Duncan and Garnett are about 10 years older than Hansbrough, they’ll teach him about the game. . . by taking him to school every time their teams clash (unless, God please have mercy on us if this happens, Hansbrough lands on the San Antonio Spurs or Boston Celtics). I mean, c’mon, get off Hansbrough’s jock. I’m tired of everybody loving Carolina and hating Duke. It gets so tiring, and the taste is so stale. I certainly don’t want everybody to go around loving on Duke, but why can’t everybody just hate them both and leave it at that?

Just a acerbic shot at Hanny the Tranny.

Let the mindless hate begin.


6 thoughts on “Sit down, Tyler Hansbrough

  1. Your jealousy is so obvious…ha-ha. You probably blast away at all winners and over achievers because the reality is your team probably sucks and you never won anything in your life. You probably thought the lanky white kid from Polar Bluff would be the next coming of Chris Lang…Then all of the sudden this happened…

    The only thing you’ve proven is that winning and achivement is overrated to you.

    1. You see, I’d expect nothing less than what you responded with, the trite kind of response towards my sardonic post that was shooting a slew of shots at North Carolina’s ‘little’ free throw shooter. In reality, teams win games. Hansbrough just happens to be apart of him. I’ll give him credit — he’s extremely hard working and brings down rebounds with fierce panache. However, he’s overrated and isn’t the true leader of his own basketball team (Ty Lawson is).

      Thanks for trying, Steve, although I didn’t appreciate your ignorant presumption that I’ve never achieved anything in that life. However, it did in fact make me chortle. Cheers, pal.

  2. While your having your gleeful chuckle I must ask, why did you cut/edit my original post where I listed all of the awards, achievements, and accolades from the, “overrated” Hans? I assume you did it because it was much too long to properly fit the format for replies. The reality is the numbers don’t lie. He’s accomplished more than just about any other college basketball player in the history of the game and he did it in arguably the best conference. It’s irrefutable. Wouldn’t you agree that a players rating or overrating or underrating is based on not only their individual stats, but also their team’s win/loss ratio? He’s dominated college basketball the last four years and UNC is 112 out of 133 games with Hans….not bad.

    Moreover your -unoriginal- bash the guy/team on top ideology of Hansbrough and UNC/Dook teams simply demonstrates your unwillingness to look at the cold hard fact intellectually. Prove that Hans is overrated. Show me the numbers and team losses that prove he’s overrated.

    Your remark, “he’s extremely hard working and brings down rebounds with fierce panache” is like a weather reporter pointing out the obvious when a hurricane is coming. I mean come on, Anderson Varejao? Are you kidding me? You can’t even put Anderson in the same sentence with Hans and think to be taken seriously.

    Lastly, Ty Lawson is and has never been the leader of UNC. He’s a good player that can take over games but he is not the leader. If you knew anything about UNC basketball and its storied history then you would have ascertained that the leader of the team is the coach…always has been and always will be. 1950 wins and still counting…

  3. Thanks for listing all of those accolades, but I wouldn’t have appreciated the entire comment page being plagued with the said accolades.

    1600+ free throws attempted (in four seasons) AND COUNTING? Are you kidding me? That’s ridiculous. Last year he had 535 attempts, in the year where he stole the Player of the Year award away from Kansas State’s Michael Beasley.

    Show you the numbers? Numbers are overrated in and of themselves.

    Look at what he did in today’s game. Two free throw attempts. Laughable. There’s your proof.

    You can’t put Hansbrough and Varejao in the same sentence? Are you sure about that? As for right now, Varejao has NBA experience (not to mention experience playing alongside LeBron James), while Hansbrough is still only a collegiate player.

    You take Ty Lawson away from the North Carolina Tar Heels offense, they’re futile. Remember the Carolina/Duke game from last year, the first one, when Lawson missed the game and Quentin Thomas (or whoever?) had to start? Their offense, with Hansbrough, was ineffective. The next time they played that season, when the Heels had Lawson, North Carolina stymied Duke and walked out of Cameron victorious. Lawson is the more integral piece to the offense. Hell, look at the Duke/Carolina game from this season. Four points in the first half, and Carolina is losing at halftime. In the second half he put up 21. The man is a menace.

    I ask you to please return during Hansbrough’s rookie season in the NBA and so on. If he turns out to be a ‘decent’ NBA player, I’ll gladly admit what I was wrong.

    1. No, you listen here: first off, don’t use that kind of language. I should edit that out or should have just deleted the comment. However, I’d rather see people witness how damn ignorant you are — I don’t want to appear to be a proponent of censorship. Hansbrough is the most annoying basketball player in college basketball, and it was funny how inept he was yesterday afternoon as Maryland took them to the woodshed (the margin of victory should have been a lot more lofty).

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