I must admit, the Phoenix Suns were the biggest cavalcade of whiners in the league during the 2006-2007 season. Their vociferations during their semi-finals tumble with the San Antonio Spurs is why. I’m not going to go in depth with that (you can check out the ‘Troy Vault’ for all the goods with my thoughts on all of that from May 2007), obviously.

But something changed. I started feeling sorry for the Suns. Their head coach said tata and headed for the Big Apple, Shaq admitted that his remaining time in the NBA is rather limited. Amare Stoudemire and Steve Nash both said they would be complacent if they were traded. Moves were made. Terry Porter was doing absolutely nothing monumental or noteworthy as a head coach.

Then things started looking up. GM Steve Kerr said he wasn’t going to trade Amare Stoudemire, Terry Porter was fired, and Alvin Gentry was appointed the interim head coaching position.

Then they picked apart the hapless Los Angeles Clippers. It was fun. As a Boston Celtics/San Antonio Spurs advocate, even I loved watching it unfold because once I saw Shaquille O’Neal dribble past halfcourt and throw a bounce pass off the hardwood to Steve Nash, I was highly amused and had to laugh, and say, “The run n’ gun game is back.”

But the high feeling for the Suns was short-lived, as news reports came out that included details on Amare Stoudemire being out for eight or so weeks due to having to have eye surgery, which will be a obstruction for the Suns, considering they’re 9th or so in the West, behind the Houston Rockets (who will drop, with Tracy McGrady being out for the season) and Utah Jazz, it will take a lot of work (obviously, eh?) for their undercards to take the wing and roll.

Or the two geezers, Nash and O’Neal, to go into All-Star form.

Then again, we already saw one professional sports team from Arizona do the unpredictable. Although Phoenix will unlikely make it out of the first round (where they’d likely face Los Angeles (Lakers) or San Antonio, in which case they have no chance of beating either), a playoff berth would likely give credibility to Mr. Gentry.


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