The St. Louis Rams found their man on Saturday afternoon. Steve Spagnuolo, the [now former] New York Giants defensive coordinator. What a steal. Considering the guy was on the top of everybody’s lists to get as a head coach, and the lowly Rams hired him, that’s a freakin’ steal! I’m starting to draft a big time affinity for new general manager Billy DeVaney for pulling this off, as well as Chip Rosenbloom.

The last two Rams hires for head coach were Mike Martz and Scott Linehan — both offensive coaches that didn’t pan out in the end (Martz fans, please, just leave my statement at that, even if you disagree). This time around the Rams went defensive and picked up Spags.

In an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the writer described Spagnuolo’s press conference and picked out statements that Spags used. Like the the team is going to wear t-shirts that say “Team first.” The fundamentals are going to be worked on. The simple things. Protecting the quarterback, giving the running back running lanes, having the defense play hard and make plays, y’know, the simple things. Nothing frivolous and no frivolous plays. So please, Richie Incognito, exit the locker room. Corey Chavous, get your washed up ass out.

The 2009 Rams are going to be a strange sight, especially considering if Torry Holt leaves, and Donnie Avery becomes the feature wide receiver. Steven Jackson is supposedly developing a new workout regimen over the off-season with new trainers, and unlike last year, he’ll be taking some hits in this year’s pre-season. It will be a make or break year for Marc Bulger. Let’s limit the interceptions and augment the touchdown passes. Let’s have Spags take the Rams from near last in the league to the top 10.

More thoughts in the upcoming days, but I have one thing to say: How ’bout ’em Rams?


One thought on “Click Click Boom — The 2009 St. Louis Rams

  1. I’m glad Jackson has a plan for the upcoming season. There’s been so much drama this season that actual football has been an after thought. And, why are all these coordinators getting gigs?… I’m happy that they’re getting their breaks though.

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