One of these four teams will be NFL champions:

Baltimore Ravens
Arizona Cardinals
Philadelphia Eagles
Pittsburgh Steelers

Baltimore will take on Pittsburgh on Heinz Field next Sunday afternoon, while Arizona and Philadelphia will tangle in Phoenix Stadium. Don’t let me forget to remind you that CBS is the number one watched station in America (in case your mind is a bit drubbed, I’m making fun of the incessant chatter that’s being brought up by announcers repeatedly saying that).

If I have to hear one more slur about Pittsburgh being the team to beat, I’m about to go crazy. Let me make this nice, concise and any other adjective that has an “ice” sound at the end of it: the Steelers will not win the Super Bowl. Point, blank, bottom line.

Name me one team in NFL history who has ever won a Super Bowl with a mediocre offensive line. You can’t. Because every champion is propagated from up front. It all begins from the trenches. The Steelers don’t have the same line they had a couple of years ago. This line is unstable. It can protect Ben Roethlisberger and Willie Parker a couple of times, but not a whole lot.

Baltimore will beat Pittsburgh next Sunday.

There, I’m saying it. The Ravens will hand Pittsburgh a one-and-done loss by the hands of the physical Ravens defense getting all over Pittsburgh and Roethlisberger.

I guess I better stop. Pretty soon a Pittsburgh fan is going to show up with a knife and head straight to my pineal gland.


2 thoughts on “Mike Tomlin says the Steelers will go all the way

  1. I clearly don’t understand football? Maybe it’s YOU that clearly don’t understand football. The line has been dreadful the whole year, but apparently you’re ignoring that.

    In week 4, Baltimore sacked Roethlisberger three times and hurried him six or seven times.

    In week 15, Baltimore sacked Roethlisberger two times and hit him five times.

    The line sure did win those games, huh, Bill?

    Clearly I’m not the one who’s lacking football knowledge here, amigo.

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