I don’t care about history; baseball needs a salary cap for the sake of the baseball fan. But I’m not going to ramble on about it. That’s saved for another day.

Let’s review what the New York Yankees have done, shall we?

They paid pitcher C.C. Sabathia $182 million. Awesome. But or is it awesome? Sabathia has never won a ‘big game’ in his career. Will he take the next step in the Bronx?

They paid fellow pitcher A.J. Burnett $82 million. Not awesome. But is he awesome? He hasn’t showed it whatsoever in his career. He has been injury prone for most of his time in the Big Leagues, and when he played for the Marlins, the fans in Florida sure as hell didn’t want him.

What about Mark Teixeira? OK, I’m not even going to make a counter argument here. I was a fan of Teixeira when he played in Texas and in Atlanta, and I hate seeing him on the Yankees, but I’m not going to sulk. The Yankees signed Teixeira to an eight-year $180 million contract. Are you freakin’ kidding me?

The heaps of money being spent is ridiculous.


I guess we’ll see yet another season of the Yankees and Red Sox dominating the AL East. The rivalry is getting more and more tired in the eyes of sports fans. It’s rich and history, and that’s great and all, but c’mon, it’s getting old and stale. We need some parity in the MLB by there being a salary cap. Otherwise the greats we see on the Tampa Bay Rays will eventually depart to New York or Boston, and we’ll have to sit back and watch two big banks of baseball franchises pitch and slug it out every year. Boooooooooooooorrrrrrrring.


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