“LeBron is better than Larry Bird” — Jeff Van Gundy
“LeBron will definitely be the best SF to ever play the game” — Mark Jackson

Seriously? Better than Bird? I don’t see it. I’m not being a homer, but we’re talking about (probably) a top two or three player ever in Larry Bird. LeBron has that ceiling? Potentially, the sky is the limit for him. But better now? Or to say he “definitely will be better”?


Bull, but totally expected. National Media = an extension of Stern. Stern has had his mouth on LeBron’s… um… his…um, nevermind. Stern sure does like LeBron and Kobe. That’s why they get calls like the blocking foul on Pierce. Y’know, the one where there wasn’t any contact?

What has LeBron accomplished thus far, besides these “youngest player ever,” etc. accolades?

Isiah Thomas once said that if Larry Bird was black, he’d be just another player. But then again, Thomas is the same guy that ruined a franchise, has been sued multiple times, and tried to blame his own drug dependencies on his teenage daughter. Go figure.

Nobody likes looking at basketball history and anointing Larry Bird, regardless of what he’s done. Those analysts that do, though, thanks. For Van Gundy and Jackson’s ignorance, they need to be mature about the subject at hand and wait until LeBron’s career is over with before they make this brash statement that subjects LeBron ALREADY being better than Bird. I have a question: where’s LeBron’s three championships? Not there yet. Let’s wait until it’s all said and done.


4 thoughts on “Van Gundy: LeBron James is Better Than Larry Bird

  1. I know its tough to imagine and believe me its not something I want to concede. And the vast majority of the time I disagree 100% with that poser Mark Jackson. I mean we’re talking about a guy who continually insists that Kobe Bryant is “the best player on the planet” even when Kobe isn’t even the best at his biggest attribute which is scoring. Kobe has to wine, complain and get all-star talent in their to compete at championship level. Lebron on the other hand creates talent by making everyone around him elevate their game and discover the depths of their own talent. Not to mention his leadership surpasses every player in the league insurmountably. However, I have to agree with Jackson on Lebron. For a few reasons. He has the bball IQ of Magic and Bird, the athletic ability of Jordan, the size and strength and then some of Karl Malone, the tennacity of Barkley and additionally he’s the fastest player in the NBA. The only thing he has to do now is win the finals. He’s 24, and his team is getting better. Larry Bird is my favorite all time player, and if you would’ve asked me 7 years ago if we’d ever see someone with the likes of Jordan, Bird or Johnson again, I would’ve said not in this lifetime, but Lebron will be in that class and quite possibly the best when all is said and done.

  2. c’mon not another skeptic who believes lebron is all media hype?? lol heres a stat/fact that shows lebron has no peer other than jordan and oscar robertson…lebron feb. 6 2010…passed michael jordan for most 40 8 8 games and tied larry bird…in ONLY the first half of his 7th season…lol lebron is not even near his peak and is able to eclipse the accomplishments of the greatest greats…lebron has also surpassed MJ’s highest playoff averages for a series and the whole playoffs altogether…40 10 10 in a series and 35 9 7 for a playoff average…you dont even need these hands down stats and facts to see that nobody in the history of the game is like lebron or controls games like lebron does now…the only spot waiting for lebron is GOAT…he is the perfect player…has no flaws….whereas every great player maybe besides jordan had some flaws…not to mention lebron not only doesnt have any flaws he is arguable the BEST passer in the game….BEST scorer in the game now…BEST defender in the game…arguably the best shot blocker too…the most clutch offensively AND defensively like no other…real talk…jordan didnt even excel in certain areas of the game that lebron has…all while being the most unselfish superstar ever….media doesnt hype shit up for nothing….you are simply in denial and cannot accept the truth…obviously as you cannot even bring stats facts or anything to support your argument…OWNED.

    1. Hey Troy why dont you bring up the fact that Lebron hasn’t even won 1 championship and only has 1 MVP. Even if we go by age, Bird has already won a Rookie MVP, and one ring. This isn’t through no weak ass eastern conference which Lebron has been playing in until recently that is (with the added aging celtics and the upcoming Magic). Regardless Bird went through heavy battles with a deep star studded Philly team which by the way the “83” 76ers are on the top 10 greatest teams of all time. Wake me up when the Orlando Magic is anywhere near being the top 25 greatest teams of all time. Here are the total career stats and achievments of Larry Bird

      24. 3 PPG/10 RPG/6.3 APG/1.7 SPG/0.8 BPG

      (.496 FG%)
      (.376 3P%)
      (.886 FT%)

      Rookie MVP (80)
      3 MVPS (84,85,86)
      3 Rings (81,84,86)

      Here are Lebrons stats and achievments as of right now at the age of 25.

      27.8 PPG/7 RPG/7 APG/1.8 SPG/0.9

      (.475 FG%)
      (.336 3P%)
      (.743 FT%)

      Rookie MVP (03)
      MVP (09)

      Now, this is where intelligence comes in. Ok. Ready for it? Do stats get better with age or worse??? The answer is worse. News flash Lebron has already reached his prime. He reached it at like 20. He’s not getting better people his stats are similiar for the last 4 or 5 years. We are looking at Lebrons best years and hes not even blowing away Birds career stats. Bird owns him in a few categories including Rebounds, FG%, 3P%, FT%. By the way dont get me started with todays weak ass rules. How many times do lebron/wade/kobe go the foul line? Yeah do a little research on that and compare that to other generations. It will blow your mind. So imagine 5-8 years from now. Those FG% are going to go down those 3P% is going to go down those FT% going to go down. PPG down. Almost everything is going to go down and believe me that Cavs team is allowing him to rack those stats up. So depending on Lebrons longevity. Meaning, if he keeps this up for the next 10 years. We are looking at possibly the greatest SF of all time. However, I will be amazed if he keeps this up. I dont know too many 280 pound men that have kept up those numbers at an old age. Also think about what Lebron is? Hes a perimeter player… he has no post game. If he doesnt figure out how to play in the low post and become a PF then this man’s career will be done with as soon as father time comes knocking. Anyway you cut it, I would take an 84-85 Bird over any of Lebrons years. Probably future included.

      Thank you, I know I’m a basketball genius. No need to thank me for making you think.

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