For now.

I’m not going to list you the score or the stats. You should know that by now. You’re reading a blog about sports, and chances are you like sports. If you want the score and stats, head on over to or wherever you horde up around and read the recap, or just peruse the box score. Doesn’t matter to me.

What matters is that a high-flying Cleveland Cavaliers team mashed a debilitatated Boston Celtics team last night. Obviously the Celtics are one of the best teams in the league, and a month ago this time were the unanimously-chosen best team. They aren’t going to play like crud the way they played last night (and the way they played against the Rockets and Knicks) for the rest of the year. Doc Rivers has to make adjustments and so does the team. The year-long tenure of poor turnovers that have been coerced have to stop. Ray Allen has to hit his shots from the corner like he was doing at the beginning of the year up until this 2-6 drought.

But at any rate, the Cavaliers are playing like they’re the team to beat right now. I honestly don’t think anybody can beat them at the way they’re playing. LeBron James is clearly invincible. Nobody can guard him one-on-one, and if you try to double team he’ll zoom a pass in to a player cutting to the basket. He’s like the WWE’s Triple H, he’s that damn good. If you want to play the game, you have to bust your ass and force LeBron to stay on top at the perimeter. And even if you do that he will still beat you up by hopping in the air and firing a pass through the middle of the lane. He’s 6’8, 250-some pound frame allows him to do just that.

The Cavs have played on a hot streak the whole season and have never let up. Another thing they are doing is not turning the ball over. They have been conscious and aware. The Celtics, on the other hand, have turned the ball over the whole season — even when they were winning. The difference is that the Celtics were playing enough good defense and scoring enough points to win. The Cavs don’t have to play on their heals. They just roll with what they have and play hard.

Honestly, this game doesn’t reflect a seven-game series that the Cavs can win. Granted, they almost did last year, but almost is only a word functional when you’re talking about grenades and war. The Cavs rekindled a fire this year, and took to the Celtics in a meaningless January game. Good job. Right now the Cavaliers are the best team in the NBA. The Celtics were last month, but not anymore. Ambivalence. Fluctuation. That’s what it all is. And the majority of speculation says the Cavs can be the champs.

April is a long time away, Cleveland. Don’t even think about June.


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