I’m getting severely irritated at Utah Utes fans, Florida Gators haters, and any other NCAA fan who’s mouthing off about Utah being the rightful national champions of the league. The 2004 Auburn Tigers team whom were 13-0, now that team deserved a title shot. Utah? Besides beating Alabama, what adds to their credibility?

Please, go on. Tell me. Elucidate this delusion that so many fans have at the moment.

I’m getting sick and tired of hearing people scream, yell, and mince the words “OH! UTAH, BABY! THEY ARE THE REAL CHAMPS!” No, they aren’t. They went undefeated, and beat Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl. What else adds to their resume? Not too much. Florida beat ‘Bama. Utah didn’t play Florida to beat ’em.

Here’s a team that should be the BCS champions: Ole Miss. Why not? They beat Florida and didn’t even lose a game by more than six this season. They could have went undefeated, and then we all know everybody would have rightfully been calling them the national champions.

But not Utah. Not now. Rid this crap off the web and off of all these sports blogs that are touting Utah as the champs. It’s wrong, it’s just so freakin’ wrong. It’s kind of like Al Davis’ decisions as the NFL’s Oakland Raiders owner. Just plain wrong.

The Utah Utes are the Sugar Bowl champions. The Florida Gators are the national champions.

If you want to call somebody national champions other than the Gators and the overly praised Utes, try the Ole Miss Rebels, whom have earned their due completely and fought hard all the way.

Don’t say Southern Cal, they have been then the media darlings for way too long.

Don’t say Texas. Please. Texas Tech beat Texas, and Ole Miss beat Texas Tech. That’s unfair, but I’m playing your kind of game, Utes pundits.

Try the Ole Miss Rebels, folks. I’m not saying they should be the champs — I’m just saying that you should all get off your high horse and accept this conclusive and unequivocal fact.


2 thoughts on “No BCS Championship for the Utah Utes

  1. What’s your IQ, Mark? About 0.1? Considering the fact that you have no intelligence or the competent cerebrum to actually put up an argument on that one, I’m going to vouch for your lack of a valid IQ. Quit riding high on Utah when they caught a shady Alabama team in the Sugar Bowl. Geez Louise. You’re probably some ‘mark’ (Ha, mark-Mark, ha!) who sits around watching the moronic journalists and pseudo ‘analysts’ on ESPN nutride Utah, and then you make some post where you insult a professional writer. Have some class or make an ass of yourself. You decided to do the latter (which, since you’re sound pretty dumb, means you made an ass of yourself).

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