I’m not going to deliver you the score (wait, I will: 24-14 Gators) or give you the stats (I’m not going to change my mind on this one), but I will say this: SEC Football was played and hammered on the field last night, the recipient being the Oklahoma Sooners and the emanating coming from the Florida Gators.

The ironic coincidence about last night’s game was that Oklahoma had given up an average of 24 points per game. Last night they gave up exactly that. Cool, huh?

(SIDE NOTE: I’m getting searches that have found their way to my blog titled “why Oklahoma will beat Florida” STILL YET! I’m still trying to fathom a reason as to why these people, if they aren’t biased Florida haters, were even thinking with that awry mindset. Another bunch of views I’m getting is for the post I wrote, labeled Tim Tebow is a Douche. I received 40+ views in one night and no comments? C’mon, now!)

Tim Tebow carried carried the team in the late second half, but the biggest difference makers were defensive backs Major Wright and Ahmad Black. Wright for his ill and electrifying hits on Oklahoma receivers, and Black for his game preserving interception he caught from an aware Sam Bradford late in the fourth. The game was sealed up when Tebow tossed a four yard pass to receiver David Nelson with about three minutes left in the game to put the Gators up for good.


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