Huh? The title doesn’t sound spiffy does it? I agree. It sounds horrid. Awful. It’s tyranny. It’s Frank Wren’s fault.

Frank Wren, general manager of the Atlanta Braves, didn’t pay heed to any fans’ wishes, nor did he take the ‘best for the business’ propaganda in to acount when discussing why he’s allowing the Atlanta Braves legend — who has only played for the Braves for his entire career — to play in Beantown with the Boston Red Sox.

Smoltz has come off of quite a few surgeries, recently a shoulder surgery, but it has never held him back from pitching like a man among boys. The 41-year-old (due to be 42 in May) is 16th among pitchers in strikeouts, fifth among active players. Yet Frank Wren is not welcoming Smoltz back, signaled by his unwillingness to compete with the Red Sox to take back Mr. Smoltz.

Smoltz has always been a winner, has always wanted to win, and he’s damn serious about it. I can’t blame the man for being imminent to signing a deal with the Red Sox, who are offering him $6 million and $5 million in incentives.

Frank Wren has just slapped the face of Braves Nation and everybody else who has ever had an affinity for the Braves.

No wonder the Baltimore Orioles didn’t retain Wren.


One thought on “The Red Sox’s John Smoltz

  1. OMG! I can’t even say Wren’s name. In general, I just think some people have to learn the hard way. It’s unfortunate that others are sacrificed as the cost.

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