As the guy who runs Red’s Army wrote, the Boston Celtics were on a precipice of building a lead until Paul Pierce drove to the basket, got knocked, and didn’t receive a foul call. As it had happened in the past, it didn’t happen last night. The game went awry with that moment.

Let me tell you what’s wrong with the Celtics.

I haven’t been able to watch a lot of their games during this dragging stretch. From a team that was expected to win 70 games after their 27-2 start. They have slumped to a 29-7 record. Losing to the Bobcats just popped the cork off. How do you lose so poorly like that when you started off with an immense hunger to go out and win another championship in June 2009?

Defense, turnovers, and Ray Allen.

The passion the Celtics wielded with their tough defensive coverages seems to have mitigated ever the Christmas day game against the Los Angeles Lakers. They allowed the Lakers to go after the basket, and the Celtics had no answer. Seems to me that teams have followed the Lakers’ strategy, and the Celtics have absolutely no response to assuage the problem. Excuse me? The 2007-2008 team had swagger, heart and a cavalcade of perseverance. The 2008-2009 Celtics team seems to lack just that.

Turnovers have been wildly out of control the whole season. Even during the long winning streak. However, they previously made up for their erroneous offensive play by playing topnotch defense and scoring enough points to win. During this awful losing streak, they have played with a porous offense and a stagnant defense, all while turning the ball over.

What happened to Ray Allen? Number Twenty was having a career year until he started a drizzling cold streak. He was the Celtics’ key money man, to hit that tough shot, to be impervious and impeccable to any d. Rondo could dribble to the inside, flip the ball to Paul Pierce on the high key, then Pierce could swing it out to Ray Allen in the corner and Allen would drain it. That’s not the case now. Allen’s hot spot used to be the corner. Now his hot spot is on the sofa, where he avidly keeps his ass warm at night while reading John Grisham novels. In all seriousness, what happened to Mr. Allen?

These guys will get it together. It’s just a cold streak. But Doc Rivers has to be a contributor to helping them get in gear or else it’s going to be a long walk to the playoffs in April.


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