And no, I’m not talking about President-elect Barack Obama.

I’m talking about the St. Louis Rams. And you would have to be a sot to think that new general manager Billy DeVaney isn’t working towards the goal of finding the Rams a new personnel and a slate of new, hard working players whom have winning mentalities for the 2008 NFL season. Allow me to waste no time explaining to you the effects of owner Chip Rosenbloom’s and Billy DeVaney’s plan.

Money isn’t going to be a factor, nor is wasting time. What I mean by wasting time is by interviewing coaches who have absolutely no interest in coaching an uninspired Rams bunch in St. Louis (i.e Mike Shanahan, Steve Spagnuolo, etc.).

There leaves three coaches on the carousel that should be carefully looked at (if Jim Haslett isn’t brought back): Rex Ryan, Russ Grim, and Mike Trgovac.

Ryan or Grimm should be the two most sought after, as both are looking to enter the upper echelons of coaching, and what would be better than trying to prove themselves by coaching a piss poor Rams team, motivating them into a cavalcade of players who want to — and will — win?

You tell me.


2 thoughts on “Are You Ready For Some Change?

  1. This is a tough call. I guess after Linehan they just need to try anyone who shows the potential to turn this team around. Albeit the Rams have a lot of talent on the roster, but after the last few years of piss poor coaching, bad play calling, and low team morale, it’s only understandable that it’s going to take some time to get the team back to elite form. Rosenbloom needs to get serious about making the changes the Rams need because, damnit, I need to see one more SB win in my lifetime!

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