“Get me another beer, dragon lady.”

Just watched the movie Gran Torino. Let’s put this up front: I was laughing my ass off throughout the first two-thirds of the movie. Whether it was lines like the above or Clint Eastwood repeatedly calling the kid “Toad.” But yet when the drama kicks in, it unequivocally works. Is it melodramatic, heavy-handed and kind of ridiculous? Yes, very much so. But there’s something about Eastwood’s simple emotional style that always gets to me. And really, with a film that has such a ridiculous and over the top setting, you can’t really go too subtle.

Eastwood is having the decade of his life in his friggin’ SEVENTIES. The guy can just do no wrong. Has anyone ever made Oscar-caliber flick after Oscar-caliber flick this deep in their career? I don’t think so.

Clint Eastwood is a colossal badass in Gran Torino.

When someone is pushing 80, pulling off being a colossal badass gets increasingly hard to do.

Not for Eastwood.


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