Should the Rams retain Haslett? No thanks

Jim Haslett refused to replace players who are not performing because of old allegiances or whatever the case. La Roi Glover is a total joke of a player these days, yet Haslett ran him out there every Sunday.

He stubbornly played Will Witherspoon at MLB, despite the fact that anybody with any football insight could see that the guy was playing out of position. He was getting hammered out there. Now part of this is because of the washed-up Glover playing in front of him, along with the ineffective Adam Carriker.

He sticks with veterans way too long. Y’know, Drew Bennett would probably have still been playing over Donnie Avery if had not gotten hurt. Chavous is another prime example — the guy should have been cut in the offseason last year. What is he seeing that we’re not?

He refused to publicly admonish Incognito after showing up the fans not once, but twice. This for a guy with very limited pass blocking ability.

In short, I don’t like his football judgment, aptitude or management. Incognito should have been suspended or cut. Glover and Chavous should not have made this team.

On top of that, the Rams won two whole games under his leadership after Linehan got the ax. Sorry, Jimmy, that’s just not good enough. And neither was your sorry defense under Linehan.

I hope Mr. Devaney shows Mr. Haslett the door.


8 thoughts on “Should the Rams retain Haslett? No thanks

  1. Seriously, I don’t know what to say about the Rams. I mean, you’re calling out situations… but they’re so many. How can you just choose one? The thing is, they have to revamp. Just start again and really invest in the team’s future. I just think until the head gets itself together, you can expect the body to do anything right. BTW, Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year to you too, VeRonda.

    Get rid of scum like Incognito, Barron, Glover, etc. and bring in about 25 players who have winning attitudes, not to mention the whole coaching staff needs to be wiped out and rekindled (asides from two or three).

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Mike Martz back on the sidelines as an offensive coordinator, considering the two guys who ran him out of town (Zygmunt and Shaw) are now out of town themselves.

  3. I think haslett should be replaced yes, and this team does need an overhaul. But Def not Martz back, even at OC. I dont want him to throw it 50 times a game and ignore Steven Jackson which is what he will do. There are many other OCs time to stay away from Martz.

  4. The last time Martz was an offensive coordinator, we know where the Rams went: to the promise land.

    Not to mention, Jackson can do what Faulk did (catch footballs efficiently), as evident in 2006 when he had 90 receptions.

  5. ye I am just saying if we are gonna overhaul, screw going back to martz. hasnt really done anything for the lions and 49ers anyway

  6. Everybody knows your unyielding love for the Spurs.

    Donnie Avery and Chris Long — at the moment — are my two favorite players, so I’m hoping for the best.

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