Picture the year being 2002. Let’s say March 2002. Fresh off a Super Bowl loss stands the St. Louis Rams. You look at the said Rams. What do you see? You see a team that had been destined for greatness, but didn’t get the job done (following a 20-17 upset loss to the New England Patriots in the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, L.A. for Super Bowl XXXVI). What do you think of when you think of the Rams? Number thirteen, Kurt Warner, the reigning MVP; Marshall Faulk, ‘Superman’ on the football field; Isaac Bruce, potential hall of famer, amazing route runner; Torry Holt, young up-and-comer. Those four guys bolstered the Rams.

Kurt Warner was released in 2003. Marshall Faulk retired following the 2005 season. Isaac Bruce was wrongfully let go by the Rams during the 2008 off-season. Torry Holt is the only remaining member of the four, but he’s likely to be out the door soon.

The only remaining members from the illustrious Super Bowl XXXIV winning team are [as mentioned] Torry Holt, offensive tackle Orlando Pace, and defensive end Leonard Little. All three could be not even on the Rams’ roster next season. Holt because he may be traded (it’s a possibility). Pace because he might retire. Little because he may be released or traded.

Marc Bulger and Torry Holt are the leaders of the Rams, but they aren’t playing like it. Bulger is the passive type of player who doesn’t open his mouth much. You can’t say he leads by example, either, as turnovers have busted him in the mouth. A type of guy he should play like is Ben Roethlisberger, a player who gets in his offensive lineman’s face when they make a mistake. Instead, Bulger takes the beating that his offensive line causes him to receive. Even when the line is playing their game, though, Bulger incurs too many errors (overthrowing receivers, not hitting them in stride, not reading the defense correctly, etc.) to be considered a leader.

Torry Holt has treated the Rams’ situation this year as much more than from a business standpoint. When the Rams played well, he didn’t say anything (by ‘say anything’ I mean open his mouth and be a pain in the ass). He high-fived other players and had a grand ol’ time. He doesn’t do any of that now. He even complained about not getting the ball enough earlier this year instead of going out there and giving it one hundred percent of his effort. Not to mention he’s also flirted with the idea of playing for another team. Not good for team chemistry. He knows it, and that’s why I’m questioning his leadership. I never thought I’d say it, but it’s about time the Rams part ways with Torry “Big Game” Holt.

Eerily, I can see both Bulger and Holt being a 49er sometime over the next couple of years. Yuck.


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