It’s snowing heavily right now in Southwest Virginia, as I sit here writing this while the Boston College Eagles and Virginia Tech Hokies game — the ACC title game — stands idle at halftime.

But I don’t want to talk about the ACC championship or the Big XII championship. Let’s talk about what really matters.

The number four team in the nation — the Florida Gators — taking on the number one team in the nation — the Alabama Crimson Tide.

When was the last time the number one team in the nation was playing as ten point underdogs. Are you kiddin’ me? Ten point underdogs. The Crimson Tide rolls into — no pun intended — the Georgia Dome set to take on the Gators after dominating for 90+ percent of the season while Florida has also gained a level of domination for the same said amount (except the Gators lost to Ole Miss back in September, which is nothing to be ashamed of considering Ole Miss’s final 8-4 record — 5-3 in the SEC).

Florida and Alabama took on their SEC foes and won. Florida didn’t pay much heed to LSU while Alabama were taken to overtime until the win being predicated with a Julio Jones catch at the one that succeded a Jarrett Lee interception.

‘Bama and Florida get ready to tangle in a little over an hour from now. It’s going to be a rowdy game, with Gators quarterback Tim Tebow — who was originally recruited by the Crimson Tide — trying to live up to the hype that he comprised during his September 27 announcement to which he said for the rest of the year there would be no player playing harder than him. And he’s been right up to this point.

Put up or shut up. SEC football at its best. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for this one to go down.


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