Thank you, Sir Charles.

Last week TNT basketball analyst and local bad-man-bang curmudgeon (even though his temper isn’t too bad, until The Jet (Kenny Smith) flares him up, then you have to watch out!) said in an interview, “LeBron James needs to shut the hell up.”

I’m sure you know why he said that. Everybody does. I would have only been happier if he would have said “ESPN needs to shut the hell up” instead. Obviously it’s about LeBron-to-the-Knicks and the hyperbole that is itself there. The LeBron James going to the New York Knickerbockers story has driven everybody — including me — absolutely crazy. I feel like being a cantankerous madman about this.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are a highly successful team this year, and the second best team in the Eastern Conference. The media will always try to deter that success from any team by some way or another. Since the Cavs’ feature player is obviously number twenty-three, the 6’8 LeBron James, the talk would be about him. Especially after the Knickerbockers completely swiped out their roster to free up cap space for the 2010 off-season.

Can’t blame ’em.

You gotta blame LeBron though, and that blame is for not keeping his ignorant mouth shut! His constant jargon that was involving the Knicks and how he’d sign with the team with the biggest possibility to win a title was a load of horse manure and a half! LeBron James will go to the team that will give him the biggest buck. Not too long ago he said he wanted to be the world’s first ever billion dollar athlete. He won’t do it in the NBA (Europe, anybody?), but eventually he’ll be awfully close.

LeBron, would you like something off the dollar menu?

LBJ: “Yes plea–”

Barkley: “Shut the hell up!”


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