Isn’t it ironic that New England’s team is named the Patriots? Why would I think that, you ask? Here’s why:

During the War of 1812, delegates from the New England states met to discuss secession from the United States. They discussed making a separate peace with Great Britain. During the war, they convened, in secrecy, the Hartford Convention in 1814. The war ended shortly thereafter, and many of the members were ridiculed and threatened with TREASON for the closed-door tactics at the Hartford Convention.

Very patriotic, huh?

The cheaters from New England have a history of subversive behavior. The Rams need to go into Foxborough and kick the crap out of those untrustworthy cheaters of Super Bowl XXXVI.

Oh, and if you’re a serious person and refuse to translate sarcasm and comical writing, then please know that the above was intended to be satirical.


6 thoughts on “The Patriots Aren’t So Patriotic

  1. I like the Rams passion that Haslett has infused into them, much as he did early on in New Orleans. Like you’ve been saying from “Day One,” if you give Bulger some time and give Jackson the football at the right times…and keep the trainers off the field…and find a defense that cares…yes, I do think this game is do-able. It won’t be easy, but the Patriots are who we think they are…vulnerable.

  2. Crack up! Yeah, I’m not thinking the Patriots will fare too well, but I don’t think they’ll lose so much b/c of the play from the Rams. I think it’ll be b/c of what they’re lacking now in players… I’m glad the Rams are showing some signs of life, but you never can tell with the Pats. We’ll see!

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