Just not during the regular season.

I say this because I think the man could compete with Gilbert Arenas as the greatest athlete-blogger of all time.

You think Gilbert Arenas is interesting? Give Steven Jackson a monitor, computer tower, mouse, and keyboard, and he’s going to have something to say. The guy is always full of words, and who wouldn’t want to read what a 235-pound, quick/speedy hybrid running back would have to say? Well, maybe a few people would contest that, but those that love the accessibility to the players would want to check out his thoughts on a regular basis. As a Rams fan, I would. But, as I said, not during the regular season, but intermittently during the off-season.

Imagine it. Imagine these kinds of blogs from Jackson:

“Marc [Bulger] was walking around the locker room, and Keenan [Burton] and I decided to throw oranges at him. We proved why we aren’t NFL quarterbacks when we missed our target.”

Gilbert Arenas has such a vendetta against so many teams for either passing on him or deigning him in the past that he acquires a horde of motivation to rack up individual numbers against them.

Steven Jackson has done the same.

Steven Jackson has a solid memory. The Dallas Cowboys were part of several teams that skipped up on Steven Jackson in the 2004 NFL Draft. They opted to trade down in the first round and drafted Julius Jones instead.

Jackson remembers it well.

“It was definitely motivation,” Jackson said. “The two previous times we played Dallas, I was injured. Coming into this game, it was one of those things where you have to make them pay. You have to make everybody play, but especially a team like that.”

Gilbert Arenas, as a blogger, is overrated. Give Steven Jackson his due credit on the football field. The man is interesting — more than you know. Why not have him as an off-season blogger for NFL.com or maybe ESPN.com? I don’t see why not. A distraction? You could argue that, but being one in the off-season, telling stories around the Rams locker room, and how he’s had the success that he’s had, no way — that won’t distract the team. It would only bring more interest to Steven ‘Action’ Jackson.


3 thoughts on “Steven Jackson Needs to Blog

  1. I would definitely read Jackson’s blog. He’s a pretty smart guy and I’m sure he would have plenty to say and give a little insight into the locker room happenings.

  2. I love Steven and I could use him on my fantasy team right about now…great to see Jim Haslett rallying the Rams. That division is there for the taking if they keep playing like they have been. Looks like football will be fun again in St. Louis after all this season. Shame they didn’t diagnose the disease that spread with the Linehan hire earlier.

  3. I wouldn’t mind hearing from Steven, but you’re right, Gilbert is overrated… for me, I don’t care if you blog, but put that much energy into your 1st gig. Now, I’m not sure if I even want to see Gilbert on the court. I just don’t see the commitment.

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