I don’t care. The Chicago Cubs have been eliminated from the 2008 post-season in a sweep by the Los Angeles Dodgers, a team that, on paper, is (or was?) inferior to the Cubs, yet they swept them in three games.

And you wonder why I fail to have a shred or an iota of a chance to have respect for the Cubs. This is why.

I don’t respect teams who dominate in the regular season and falter in the playoffs. It was tough to watch the 2004 Cardinals fall to the Red Sox. It was tough to watch the 2005 Cardinals fall in the NLCS to the Astros.

Cubs fans know pain (well, all of them who have been around long enough — I don’t care if they started watching it 1998 and gained an ‘eye’ for pain in 2003), and I thought the team did to, but watching them play the last three games of the season, I came to an inevitable conclusion. Many of them, but they’re all emanating from the main conclusion cluster: the fact that lose, and that’s what they’re supposed to do.

Chicago [Cubs] played so badly this post-season that I almost felt sorry for their fanbase. To watch the season dwindle down, after hearing their fans ignorantly yell “THIS IS OUR YEAR!” over and over the whole season, though, I was amused, and I felt like I was an asshole for it, but I don’t care: I refuse to respect a team like the Cubs, when dominating in the regular season is impossible to be translated into anything in the post-season for them. I don’t care about Carlos Zambrano’s no-hitter, because in three games combined, he gave up about 16-17- or 18 runs. Alfonso Soriano still has the old woes he had with the Yankees; he still swings at every slider pitched to him.

Same ol’ sorry ass Cubs. Seeya next year, as well as with the same old, trite, montonous “this our year” bullshit.


5 thoughts on “Knocking Down Chi-Town

  1. Wow, Troy! I think you’re a bit disgusted with the Cubs, huh? I mean, I was a little shocked by the outcome as well… I used to live in Chicago and the feeling is truly “this year will be different”. Oh, like always, maybe next year.

  2. At least the Rams finally won a game. It’s sad when your team sucks so bad that the last minute field goal had me almost as excited as when we won the SB. (sigh)

  3. I’m also a cub homer…Cowboys and Cubs so it evens out championship wise. I really thought this would be our year…I also thought that the Cowboys would go 16-0. Not a good fall. Luckily the fall temps have dropped to a cool 85 degrees here in Texas.

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