It’s not a question that I’m blatantly asking you. More of a mental question that I’m asking myself. It’s simple: why am I still investing my time on Sundays during the NFL season? I like to figure myself as a die hard St. Louis Rams fan. I like to take in the team’s play every weekend and evaluate it (except for the 2007 and the so-far 2008 season, only because it makes me sick to my stomach).

However, because the Rams have sickened me so much over the past couple of years, showcasing shades of the 1990s Rams, I’ve been floored by their inability to want to win. They’re professionals being paid millions, professionals with talent, but to me they’re a horde of professional football players who believe that winning can subsist on a lackluster effort.

So, why am I still investing my time on Sundays to watch this garbage? The question pushes forward and keeps persisting.

I’ve found an answer.

I continue to watch because I’m a football fan before I’m a Rams fan. If it wasn’t for football, I wouldn’t be a Rams fan. Take away the Rams and there’s still football. Take away football and there’s no Rams or any other team. I love football like I love my bacon biscuits in the morning. It’s a necessity in my life to keep me a happy being. However, this season I’ve been more down than usual when it comes to watching football. The knowingness of understanding that the Rams are likely going to lose every game is like a dagger splitting through the aorta.

Today’s game, for example, saw the Rams lead for three quarters, but the first play of the fourth displayed a Trent Green interception returned for a touchdown by Jabari Greer of the Buffalo Bills.

I try not to allow sports to get me distraut, yet it’s almost inevitable.

But now I’m going to stop. If I’m going to take my time away from other things on Sundays, I’m going to make good use of that time. How? By looking at the Rams more objectively than just through these blue and gold glasses (even though they haven’t wore gold pants the whole season). Hope you enjoyed your NFL day, because I sure as hell tried.


2 thoughts on “Why am I Still Investing my Time on Sundays?

  1. I am on the same page. I absolutely love football… This time of year just excites me–and, its b/c of football! I love sports in general, but football is definitely my cherry on the sundae.

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