During the first half of the Buffalo Bills/St. Louis Rams contest in St. Louis, the Rams looked like men among boys. The offensive line was playing better than it’s played since the 2002 season. Steven Jackson was carrying the entire Buffalo Bills defense on his back. And Trent Green was standing cool and collective in the pocket, finding open receivers with precision.

Then the second half happened. Fred Jackson happened. A 76-yard drive that resulted in a touchdown for the Bills happened. A Trent Green interception returned by Jabari Greer happened.

The interception didn’t make me flinch. I was eating barbecue pork ribs, enjoying my evening as I always try to do on a usual Sunday evening. I didn’t frown and I sure as hell didn’t smile.

I just emitted the sentence, “same ol’ sorry ass Rams.”

The first half was fine. No immediate problems besides a couple of blunders in the secondary. The defensive line looked like four guys of menaces. Leonard Little was back to being the old sackmaster he used to be. Chris Long was energizing the whole group. They played as a unit and dominated. They practically made Trent Edwards fear for his life.

Then they realized who they were — the St. Louis Rams, the NFL’s most mediocre franchise at the moment.

Hey, let’s look at the downside, though — at least Scott Linehan will be gone soon or enough, or so we’re told.


3 thoughts on “Same Ol’ Sorry Rams

  1. I had a brunch to go to and I was kind of glad I did because I was scared to watch the game. Now that I’ve been reading on it, I’m almost glad I missed it.

    Hey, look on the bright side…we definitely won’t have a loss next week. 😕

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