Not sure about why I named the blog title “Magic is More Real Than Ever,” but bear with me here. I watched today’s Jim Rome is Burning and during his Final Burns, he mentioned how Kimbo Slice punched David Blaine in the gut, and Blaine didn’t flinch (well, he did hop back a whole lot, but that was the force behind the punch that was slung by the beast that is Kimbo Slice). I’m not into magic nor do I believe in it, but how does Blaine manage to not fall down, puke, be seriously injured, etc.? Man, maybe my mind is completely convoluted by television, maybe not. However, upon seeing that, I just wanted to shake my head and wonder.


7 thoughts on “Magic is More Real Than Ever

  1. PTI had Kimbo on and I think it was an ESPN record for using a “bleepout” of words during an interview. Seems like a big, peaceful bear at times but drops profanities every few paragraphs or so. As for Mr. Blaine, I don’t know what to think of guys like him, but he should be Head Coach of the St. Louis Rams. Somebody should be. Anybody other than who currently is. (did I get off message here…?)

  2. That’s why they call them illusions. Eventually the secret to that trick will come out.

    I’m with sportsattitude, I’m more baffled by the fact that Linehan is still at the helm and that Trent Green will be starting this week. 😕

  3. Hey Troy, long time no talk! So have you bought that Rays man thong yet? Hahaha we still havn’t forgot that bet. Anyways, good luck to the Rams this year (They’ll need it)

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