I apologize for not writing extensively long blog posts lately, but I’ve had many things to do and a strenuous life to live, and that’s why my time has been completely encompassed by tasks for the last few months (since June). I know that TSTOS has gone under since, but it’s buoying. Another reason I haven’t posted much is for the fact that WordPress’s spell check has been horrendous ever since they updated the site. I’m not an HTML kind of guy, so I have no idea about what the hell went on, but I love my spell check, because remember, I’ve been transcended by this whole ‘Dumb Generation’ idea, and it’s warped my mind. I love spell check like I love chicken wings or, per se, pork ribs, or some of those chips dipped in hot cheese from the El Mariachi Mexican restaurant. It’s all good, y’know, because if I don’t have that spell check, proofreading posts become a long, long process, and I’m such a lazy bum that I decide that I can’t stand doing it. That’s the explanation in a nutshell.


3 thoughts on “An In-Depth Explanation

  1. Blogging ain’t easy, that’s for sure.

    So, any thoughts on Linehan benching Bulger and starting Trent Green this week? I don’t see the point. It doesn’t matter who they put at QB they need to work on the offensive line and lack of protection.

  2. I agree. There’s an open window, and Green — virtually a vegetable if he takes another big hit — is a colossal target out there. Alex Barron, who’s like a thin sheet of paper blocking out there, is a huge liability to the team. I heard in next year’s draft that they want to select a top tier QB. I don’t get it — why not select an RT instead of letting Mr. $65 million sit on the bench?

  3. Trent Green is one blitz away from giving new meaning to the phrase “sudden death.” I just heard a discussion on ESPN News where the topic was whether or not USC would beat the St. Louis Rams. What in the name of the Arch is going on out in St. Loo? They’re making the Raiders look stable.

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