After watching Donovan McNabb and the Philadelphia Eagles pick apart my beloved St. Louis Rams yesterday afternoon, I’m ready to muse on the rest of the NFL world.

— Tom Brady was injured yesterday afternoon after he took a shot in the knee by Kansas Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard. Pollard was knocked down by a Patriots offensive lineman, and while on the ground, seeing that Brady still had the ball in his hands, attempted to make a play. Brady released the ball and was subsequently jolted in the knee by Pollard. A lot of skeptics say it was a dirty play. I, however, disagree, as to Pollard’s knowledge was that he saw the ball still in Brady’s hands. If it was a dirty play, then almost every tackle in the NFL is dirty, then. This is football, not Playhouse Barbie.

— I’m already sick of the Jerry Seinfeld/Bill Gates commercial that seems to be airing on every commercial break during an NFL game (and yesterday was the first time I’d ever seen it!) After watching Donovan McNabb and DeSean Jackson lead the Eagles down the field yesterday afternoon, I was already stressed out, and was already incurring an ulcer. After watching the commercial, I wanted to jump through a window from a 15-story building (don’t worry: I’m not an unstable guy, and would never do such a thing).

— Chad Ocho Cinco and the Cincinnati Bengals were duped by the Baltimore Ravens yesterday evening. Joe freakin’ Flacco outplayed Carson Palmer. I wouldn’t call it a matter of unabridged proportions, so you can’t blame Palmer. I’m going to blame Ocho Cinco. Actually, I’m going to blame Marvin Lewis. Actually, I’m going  to blame the whole Cincinnati Bengals organization for allowing such tumultuous aura being displayed over the offseason. If there’s anything more depraved than a man on an ether binge (thank you, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson), the Cincinnati Bengals are it.

— Speaking of the Brady injury, did anybody know about Brody Croyle or Vince Young? I guess not, because Brady is the NFL’s little darling. Oh shew-wee-diddly-doo!

— I didn’t watch it, but the Chicago Bears beat the Indianapolis Colts last night. How does that happen? The Colts offense finally drying out, or is it the Bears defense finally finding the rhythm they used to have? I don’t know. You tell me.

I hope everybody enjoyed their week one experience of the 2008 NFL season. You probably think I didn’t enjoy it, but you now stand corrected, as I did enjoy it, despite the fact that my favorite team is one that explicitly shows that they would rather lose than win.


7 thoughts on “A State of Pathetic Atrocity

  1. Did I enjoy my week one experience…38-3…I’m going to say not completely. I’m very happy football is back, but the Rams, well, you know. 😕

    Tom Brady got hurt and the world did not implode. Go figure. Maybe when the Patriots, as I’m sure they will, continue to play well then people will realize that Brady is not a football God sent from the sports heavens and that the team as a unit is what makes them good.

    It was the Bears defense that really secured that win. If they continue to play like they did Sunday, then they have a good chance at the post season.

  2. Jerry Seinfeld, between the American Express commercials, the Bee Movie and this Bill Gates fiasco, is actually finding a way to be less of an icon. Who the hell is his agent? When are you going to start the Scott Linehan Must Go website? That Bears-Colts game…Colts played like it was an exhibition and not sure why…Manning looked ok for the most part…Bears just came in convinced they could win and played like they wanted it more. Lovie Smith obviously did an excellent selling job on ’em. Rookie RB Forte looked pretty decent. If the defense continues to swarm, they’ll win games. I think the Colts will be fine also, but they just were not matching the intensity of the Bears…maybe jittery Peyton sat out all the pre-season and lost the focus.

  3. STAT/n2s/One/other names I forgot/Kumar/White Castle Burger Time/etc., that absolutely sucks. I guess the Eagles game sparked all too much interest. Damn.

  4. Yes… The Jerry/Bill commercial totally has me drained. I’m not, “I get it!” And, I am completely over the Brady show. Okay, he’s injured… So are 15 other players. Now, I realize he’s the franchise player, but it’s what I feel about the entire way things go… People have faves and those people happen to be the ones who host TV shows and such. Ugh! I don’t want to talk about McNabb… I’m over him, too. I was said about the Colts’ game… couldn’t believe it went down like that.

  5. Another week, another loss. Sadly, this IS the worst team in the NFL right now. Scott Linehan is a joke. This guy couldn’t coach a pop warner team. Jim Haslett has proven he has no business as the defensive coordinator. We have no defense; they’ve given up 900 yards in two games?! Linehan, is way over his head. As far as the Rams go, it’s going to be a LONG time before we see a winning record again.

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