After reviewing the Florida/Hawaii game yesterday evening, I would like to post a simple observation.

1.) Hawaii actually played really well in the first quarter and its defense deserves credit for an admirable performance in the wake of the non-performance of the Hawaii JC transfer quarterbacks.

2.) Florida is a well balanced team with a lot of speed, but UF had better hope to God almighty that Tebow remains healthy because Newton for what he is worth is a very very steep drop off from Tebow. That could be said of many teams when you look at the first and second stringers. That leads me to my third observation.

3.) If nothing else, Hawaii discovered from its visit to our SEC powerhouse Florida that its JC transfers are not ready to play in Division I football and the pregame 3rd string quarterback is the real quarterback who should have been on the field from the opening snap for Hawaii to have had a chance to win.

I believe that his name is Inoke Funaki and his game play reminds me of the scrambling quarterback at Navy (Enhada) and the shifty and elusive Arizona’s Willie Tuitama, but that junior Funaki appears better than both combined.

He led Hawaii on its only two scoring drives and demonstrated not only poise in the pocket but the ability to dodge defenders and buy time to pass. And pass he can.

If Hawaii coaches had not made the mistake of starting the pathetic JC transfers and had started the 3rd stringer instead, the outcome would have been much different

I honestly predict that if Hawaii decides to go with that quarterback Inoke Funaki, they will be a threat to not only compete for the WAC championship, but a serious threat to winning the rest of their games this season.

I say this because I know what a lack of offensive leadership by a quarterback against tough competition and blunders by special teams breakdowns can do to a good defense’s morale in a game.

If Hawaii goes with Funaki and corrects its special team’s blunders, I believe their talent on defense will shine through.

I saw Hawaii play Alabama in 2006. They lost that game, but ended the season 11-3 and finished the year with a blow out victory over Arizona State.

As a Junior, Funaki was there in 2006. If Hawaii goes with Funaki this season, I would feel comfortable predicting that Hawaii will have a serious chance to win all of its home games and possibly many road games as well

If Hawaii goes with the JC transfers, the season is over and the quarterback coach who assesses the QBs on the depth chart should be fired for not recognizing the difference between good QBs and QBs who lack the ability to command a team on the Division I level.


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