I may sound more stuck-up than ever by saying this, but it’s not any of my concern: If the Chicago Cubs win the World Series, I will stop watching baseball.

I know, you don’t care, what’s the point of posting this? It’s not to brag about how I won’t watch baseball again, it’s just to muse over how big of a hack it would be for the Cubs to win the World Series 100 years to the time they won it in 1908. I don’t like these kind of superficial ordeals that seem to keep augmenting in sports nowadays.

If they won the World Series in baseball NEXT YEAR, I’d keep watching. Why? Because it would be 101 years since, not 100. For them to win the World Series in its 100th year without one since 1908, it would break me down, and my mind would wander more increasingly than it does now. It would give me good reason to believe that the sport of baseball is more rigged than ever.

But in 2009? I wouldn’t care as much. Really.

Man, I’m asinine.


5 thoughts on “If the Cubs win the World Series

  1. Troy, I know you don’t want to read this…but it’s time. This looks to be the year. I don’t think anyone reaching out for a foul ball or owning a billy goat or any black cats are going to keep it from happening.

  2. Seriously though . . . If there was a team other than the Phillies that I would like to see win the World Series it would be the Cubs. Great Manager and Great Fans ! However, the Phils are still in the hunt and they did take 4 out of 7 games against the Cubs this year. Go Phightins !

  3. I’m an idiot, I know — I mean, like I said, I wouldn’t care if the Cubs won it in 2009, but if they won it this year it would just set me off the rocker! The whole 100-years-since thing would have me believing that it would be contrived!

  4. I am a huge Sox fan. The White Sox won in 1917, Red Sox in 1918, the Red Sox ended their curse in 2004 after 86 years, here the White Sox haven’t won in 87 years, then they win in 2005 right after the Red Sox. Then the next year, the Cardinals ended their drought of 24 years w/o a win. Last year the Red Sox won again. This year the Cubs will end their 100 year drought. This scares me because if it does happen, then mirracles or God is definitely possible.

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