Virginia Tech — what’s the deal? What’s the deal, guys? What’s the freakin’ deal? You beat East Carolina in 2007, but you flopped against them in 2008? I understand there being starters gone. I understand that Sean Glennon is mediocre. I understand that you like to blow 14-0 leads, gain another respectable lead, and blow it too. I thoroughly understand.

But why must you do it against ECU? Why not against a better team? Why not at all? Why not play to win? Why, when you’re known for playing Beamer Ball and you executed some Beamer Ball in today’s game by blocking an extra point in returning it, do you let the other team play Beamer Ball and allow T.J. Lee to return a blocked punt against you?

Why, Virginia Tech, why?

The secondary was butchered, the whole defense couldn’t make tackles, and Sean Glennon can’t see the field.

Overall, looking at Glennon’s statline (14-23, 0 TD, 2 INT), he didn’t play terrible (on paper), but if you watched the game, you would have known his inability to look down the field and make a pass. He can throw a football, there’s no question about it, but he can’t spot any receivers. He doesn’t know how to throw and when to throw it. He threw the first interception too high, and the second one too low. The first one was due to probably an overlapping of his hand on the ball, but that’s no excuse. The second was because he doesn’t know how to scan a football field.

Look, I try my best to trust Frank Beamer’s judgment. I don’t want to throw the man under the bus. Really, I don’t. I was fed up with his coaching following the disastrous bowl game against Kansas. I’ve defended his decision of starting Glennon/redshirting Tyrod Taylor enough. Should Tyrod be playing? Perhaps, but Beamer has another mindset for that. And I will try to explain it the best way I can.

I would like to think the reason for redshirting Tyrod is for the fact that the offense will be a lot more experienced next year. Glennon will be gone, but the younger guys who are freshmen and sophomores at the moment will be more experienced. The line will be more experienced. Not to mention Tyrod already has a year of experience on his shoulders anyway, and this year he gets to learn Beamer’s playbook even more. I’m not going to delve into this any longer. Glennon is mediocre, but Tyrod is learning more. The Hokies’ offense could be extraordinary next year given time.

A lot of people don’t understand the term ‘rebuilding.’ They whine and grope and moan and bitch and piss and weep until they lose their mind. Every team in every sport goes through a rebuilding phase sooner or later. No matter who it is. Virginia Tech isn’t necessarily rebuilding — they are building after losing a horde of 2007 starters. Patience is key in sports. Given time, skill builds, and within skill, a team can build around one, and that one is Tyrod Taylor. Taylor can run, but he isn’t too adept in the passing department. Yet he can learn. He can learn a proper drop-back and quick throw to a slanting receiver. He’s done it before, but hasn’t been successful at it in college. Yet. In 2009, who knows what could happen? The Hokies could surprise everybody in the nation, except Hokies fans who understand what is being esclated.

Frank Beamer is a smart man. I’ve practically had it with his poor managing over the past year with the team being scattered. However, due to his straight forward approach this past off-season by suspending players that needed to be suspending and letting go of players that needed to be let go of, I’ve been instilled with a new trust for the man. That’s why I trust his decision on starting Glennon. It’s ONLY week one of college football, and there are many weeks to go, but 0-1 doesn’t look too enthralling on the record, though, does it?


4 thoughts on “A Hokie Horror

  1. Mrs. Sportsattitude and I watched the whole thing. It was ugly with all the turnovers and special team breakdowns, but damn it was exciting and we had no rooting interest…although I always have it in the back of my mind you are a Hokie at heart. Taylor needs to take his red shirt off NOW. Beamer is a smart man, but true smarts are displayed in readily and quickly admitting you made a mistake. They need help at a couple of areas, but QB is first and foremost. The future is NOW. Get the future on the field asap!

  2. In the past 2 years beamer ball has been more reputational then consistent. The special teams stats have gone down over the years. Is it just me or does it show even more how weak the ACC is getting in football.

  3. The fact that ‘Bama — expected to finish sixth in the SEC — beat Clemson — expected (by majority) to finish first in the ACC — shows me that either the SEC is just that damn preeminent or that the ACC is just that damn terrible. Take your pick.

  4. After sitting in the stands and watching Saturdays game…no doubt about it:
    I have attended Tech games since 1974 as a Blacksburg High School student. Over the years Tech has been in the $$$$ instead of the SPORT!
    Putting Tyrod back in the game is the only sense that has been made! Glennon looks like a deer in headlights when the pressure is on!
    I for one am sick and tired of paying out big bucks to watch stupid games!

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