I apologize for the months of July and August, as I’ve only had four combined posts during these two months (now five, but I don’t think this counts). No content, nothing. I’ve been busy with life’s many ordeals and haven’t had a chance to muse on subjects. But here’s my thoughts on a couple:

Steven Jackson finally signed with the Rams ($49 million for six years). I’ve been on Jackson’s side the whole holdout, but I do kind of have a grudge against him, because it will probably take the Rams until week two or week three to get up to full speed, as Jackson will be the catalyst for that offense. The Rams run through him — he runs on the field. What he does will dictate the Rams.

Team USA basketball, aka the Redeem Team, won Gold last night. Finally. It feels good to see the native basketball team finally being the best in what its supposed to be in by winning gold. People who knock Spain and other teams need to stop, though — they aren’t at a high school level, they are professionals just like the United States. Chemistry is important here. I wouldn’t be surprised if the U.S. didn’t repeat as the golden champs in four years in 2012. These other countries can be — and are — just that damn good.


4 thoughts on “Apologies from Troy

  1. Hey Troy! I totally understand the whole life thing… I often feel the same. I dropped by a couple times to see any new content. And uh, Jackson is hilarious… It must be nice to know that your worth makes excuses (I use that loosely… everyone needs to get paid) for your actions. And, I’ve followed all the games and the U.S. was a blast to watch… yeah, outside of Carmelo almost going off. Too funny.

  2. Thanks for dropping by and understanding, VeRonda! I appreciate it. And no doubt, I’m still a little mentally sore about the holdout — my stomach is in a bind.

  3. Towards the end I knew that the holdout would be fine. But question, its just a 5 year contract? and is it our discretion for the last 2 years or we have to renegotiate? Whatever it is Iam stoked for the Jackson Era. Get ready to wear a Devil Rays thong. I mean the Rays they dont like being called “devil” Rays.

  4. THERE you are! Welcome back. I’ve been struggling to maintain any kind of posting pace as well. It’s this whole earning a living thing that keeps getting in the way of having some blogging fun.

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