Manny being Manny. Or, in my own words, Manny being Fanny. I never did like Manny Ramirez’s baseball career. It wasn’t because his Sox beat my Cards in the World Series in 2004 (well, part of it was — just being honest), it was because of the meaningless actions he commenced along the way that instigated my dislike for him. I never did like his attitude at all. I think it was 2006, yeah, February 2006, he reported to Spring Training later, using a bunch of World Baseball Classic excuses. True or not, he was later for work.

Anyway, I’m ending all the hate. I don’t want a bunch of whiny-ass Red Sox fans to approach my blog and take this to heart. So I’m going to continue sitting here and continue writing about Manny Ramirez. The phony bastard was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers the other day in a big wallow of a trade that featured the Dodgers (as mentioned), Pirates, Marlins. It could have very well been another team, but I didn’t read up on it, and I’m not a reporter, so go ahead and take a look at some sports site to see for yourself.

It was pretty abrupt. Not expected. Maybe Red Sox fans expected it, but I sure as hell didn’t. I actually haven’t paid much attention to any sports at all in July, except for the Rams. So, when I waltzed onto the Worldwide Leader’s phony-ass website yesterday evening, when it had a picture of Manny Ramirez on there, I was shocked as hell, to tell you the truth. Sure, trade talk about Manny being done or signing with some other team after the season was in the air, perhaps sitting on some perch that was never going to be modified, or something like that, but who — besides Sox fans — expected Manny to be gone at the trade deadline? Maybe I’m missing something. Maybe I’m deaf. Maybe the Worldwide Leader was drowned out with Brett Favre taking his morning piss that I skipped over it.

Manny’s legacy in Boston should be summed up in two different categories, I believe: Either that he was Manny being as wild as hell as he was, or that he won two World Series in Boston. I’m going to lean to the second. He was apart of that 2004 World Series team that shocked the hearts out of the world. I would have cheered for ’em if they weren’t beating the hell out of the Cardinals in that World Series, on their way to a destiny-deserved championship. I’ll remember him for that. I’ll remember him the most during the 2004-2007 years, those two World Series and all; him winning the World Series MVP in 2004; the time he reported to Spring Training later in 2006; all of it.

I’m not a Red Sox fan by any means (obviously), but that’s how I’d sum up his days in Boston.


2 thoughts on “Manny Ramirez’s Legacy

  1. Hearing the rumor Red Sox veterans actually asked for Manny to go speaks volumes about how bad things got there. He simply stopped playing. This is not a good sign, “rewarding” someone who has so much money he or she can just shut it down and get their way…not the first time it’s happened but he was such a key part of their team, a Hall of Famer on talent if not temperment. I was shocked he was actually moved, but the more I hear of his final days in Boston it likely was the best thing for both parties. If the guy ain’t gonna play, he ain’t gonna play.

  2. Hey Troy… It’s been a minute. Okay, I’m not the biggest Manny fan, but I have to say that he’s good. This may be why he’s the way he is b/c he knows his value. Because of his talent, I probably wouldn’t have gotten rid of him… especially so deep into the season.

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