So, let’s talk about Brett Favre.

Favre has recently been wanting to be reinstated to the NFL to play with the Packers, only if he can be the starting quarterback, but they will only welcome him back to the organization if he’ll be a back-up to his successor, Aaron Rodgers. As a result, Favre has been whining and complaining and whining and camplaining and whining and complaining and whining and complaining.

So, let’s talk about Brett Favre? Let’s not. If you want to hear my opinion on Favre, then brace yourself — it’s an ugly one. Every summer we have to hear these bogus stories about players getting in trouble or doing something moronic. In 2005 it was Terrell Owens. 2006 it was — I think? — Pacman Jones and Tank Johnson. 2007 it was Michael Vick’s dogfighting case. 2008 is Brett Favre. There’s thousands of people out there posting opinions on this. If you want to read them, go search ’em up.

What I really wanted to talk about is a subject that only Rams fans can truly delve into. A write-up on Torry Holt and how he will fare this season. In February ’07, Holt had knee surgery. Now, non-Rams fans will tell you that he’s washed up and isn’t the same player. However, he IS the same player.

Holt had the surgery following the 2006 season (93 catches, 1,188 yards, 12.8 YPC, 10 touchdowns). In 2007, he virtually matched those stats (93 catches, 1,189 yards, 12.8 YPC, 7 touchdowns). Sure, he only had seven touchdowns, but you can’t fault him there. If you were even the least bit cognitive during the 2007 NFL season, you would know that the St. Louis Rams were a mecca for injured players, especially the offensive line. The o-line played musical chairs, Marc Bulger got banged up, Steven Jackson was banged up because defensive lineman and linebackers were getting clear, easy shots at him due to the lack of o-line protection, and Gus Frerotte and Brock Berlin platooned each other in different weeks to see who would be the starting QB, even after Ferotte was injured!

Holt’s clearly unhappy with the Rams’ front office. Or, well, it seems like it (I can’t blame him one bit). His brother Terrence signed with the Carolina Panthers (Torry and Terrence grew up in North Carolina) earlier in the off-season, and Torry, while playing at a golf event, was asked if he’d ever leave the Rams. He didn’t say he would, but he did mention that he would enjoy playing in his home state with his brother on the Panthers, but left his comments with a simple, “We’ll see what happens in two years” (when his contract runs up).

The IF factor is again the Rams’ fate predictor for the 2008 season. IF the Rams o-line can stay reasonable healthy, Marc Bulger will be able to EASILY deliver the ball to Holt and other receivers (Drew Bennett, Donnie Avery, Keenan Burton, Reche Caldwell, Dante Hall, and, if needed, Dane Looker) with precision. However, the ability for the o-line to allow Bulger time in the back field to scan the receivers is insufficient, thus rendering Holt’s receiving services useless.

In case you never figured it out: the three teams I root for in the NFL are the St. Louis Rams (obviously), Miami Dolphins and Atlanta Falcons. No, it has nothing to do with any kind of that bandwagon crap (the three teams finished with the worst records in the league last season!) or the ‘better chance of having a team win the Super Bowl’ BS theory. As explained a LONG time ago (I’m sure I have, but to the new readers out there, I’ll explain again), I’ve always been a Rams fan, my father was a Phins fan (made for some great football arguments that were incredibly comical), and my father and I — both Virginia Tech Hokies fans — were Michael Vick fans; so, when Vick joined the Falcons, we took a big interest in the Falcons. He passed away in December 2003 (as I’ve mentioned many times on here), so he didn’t witness the Vick debacle. Anyhow, I still follow the Falcons and keep up with them, which I will continue doing.

For my NFL viewing, mediocrity rules, and I don’t seem to mind it.


3 thoughts on “Talkin’ Brett Favre and Torry Holt

  1. Rams, Fish and Falcons, huh? Well, at one time I would have to say the Rams were “up there” for me when Kurt Warner and Dick Vermeil were running the “greatest show on turf.” The Dolphins have a soft place in my heart from the old AFL days. I enjoyed the Falcons when they played outside at Fulton County Stadium in the unis of their time. Fact of the matter is, I like the NFL so much I can pretty much find something to like about most NFL franchises. As for Favre…Troy, I’m trying to hold back posting about him…but I’m ready to burst.

  2. OK, I burst. I had to post something about Favre. Couldn’t help myself. I find it hysterical there’s talk of Gruden wanting him in Tampa Bay. Yeah, there’s a partnership made in heaven. And Gruden thought Keyshawn was a handful…

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