For some teams, there is no hope. None. Zip. Nada.

The Dolphins? No freakin’ way.

The Falcons? Not this year.

The Jets? Not gonna happen.

The Chiefs. Don’t think so.

But the Rams at least have a chance. There is talent on the roster that, if the stars align and the creek don’t rise, could come together and make some noise in the NFC.

We still have a QB who has played in two Pro Bowls and is hardly too old to play at a high level.

We have one of the top RBs in football.

Our receiving corps has promise. Holt still has some mileage left, Bennett has to play better than last year, McMichael has has success in this league, and we finally have an infusion of young, fast, talented WRs to keep defenses honest.

The O-line, if healthy, can be effective. Pace isn’t done. Bell will help a lot. Incognito and Barron have talent, though it they have lacked consistency. Romberg, Setterstom, Greco and Schuening can all contribute.

The defense also has promise. Sophs Carriker and Ryan and rookie Long add young, hungry talent. They could energize vets like Glover, Hall and Little.

There are playmakers on defense. Witherspoon, Atogwe and, if healthy, even Tinoisamoa and Hill can impact games. Culberson, Bartell, King and Wade all bring youth and athleticism.

We have a good punter, a great kicker and a lot of candidates for the return game even if Dante Hall is not able to hold the spot.

We play in a division with a team that has likely already peaked, and two who have struggled to get to the next level.

I’m not saying it WILL Happen.

But it COULD.


2 thoughts on “It COULD All Come Together This Year

  1. One of the very first things I read about the Rams in one of the pre-season mags was how hard their opening schedule would be to navigate through…and you know your beloved St. Loo has to come through Philly for their opener. Troy, I love the optimism but I’m not a big fan of the coaching staff. I’m not sure they know how to make all the pieces work correctly and by the time they solve the puzzle the Rams might be full of negative vibes again. One thing is for sure, they can’t possibly have as many injuries as last season!

  2. I guess you can file this post under pre-season optimism? I love it. It’s what keeps Arizona Cardinals fans from doing themselves in year after year.

    With all the youth in the secondary, do you think Justin King or Jonathan Wade have a legitimate chance to start as rookies?

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