So, everyone’s favorite idiot, Bernie Miklasz, from STLToday, must have given some tips to Evan Weiner of the New York Sun, because rumor has it that the Rams are probably heading back to Los Angeles in 2015, after the 7-year owners agreement is up. It’s all purely speculation.

It’s funny that these are the things we worry about now, when the rest of the foreign world is buying our country for under us, and the politicians seem to be good with it. And all we can worry about is a stupid rumor that someone writes (Evan Weiner is the assailaint in this case) so they can feel like someone listens to them. How much are we gonna love the Rams and the NFL for that matter when the Bills move to Canada and the Jaguars move to Mexico, as the Arabs buy the Rams and move them there. Start focusing on the big picture of a small fortune that is quickly turning into a global nightmare.

The mind-numbing ennui of this argument is reaching Warner/Bulger status.

Once again, the lease is air-tight until 2015, regardless of owner. Might they move then? Might.

Would Los Angeles be the destination? Might be.
Would some place else be the destination? Might be.
Would the team stay in Missouri after working out a new agreement? Might be.

Does this story bring any new information to this discussion? Absolutely not.

What do LA fans have in common with Popeye after he quit smoking?

Pipe dreams.


3 thoughts on “The Los Angeles Rams in 2015

  1. Not that many years ago, our Eagles were destined to become the Phoenix Eagles. Didn’t happen. St.Louis lost a football team once, which never, ever should have happened (I LOVED watching those teams in St. Loo). They won’t lose one again. And certainly, we have enough in the world to worry about this year that 2015 is light years away for all of us.

  2. Troy,
    You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but do you know how NFL owners operate? I assure you I did not speak with Mr. Miklasz. NFL owners don’t particularly care about fans, they want customers who will spend at their place of business, LA doesn’t have an NFL team because of politics, pettiness, lawsuits and not because of lack of well heeled support. Understand this, NFL owners are interested in one thing, cash on delivery. If St. Louis loses the Rams, it will not be because of interest, Cleveland lost the Browns because of facility not fans, Louisiana is subsidizing Tom Benson to the tune of $23.5 million annually through 2010 and after that, Benson will either get another princely sum from Louisiana or relocate somewhere else. It is just business, nothing personal. St. Louis is not the only city that is situation as I pointed out in the column. Fans don’t count. Politicians, business leaders are far more important to the process, just ask any owner.



  3. the rams belong in LOS ANGELES sorry saint louis but they are our team they were over here for almost 50 years. been thru the good and the bad in L.A. most of the rams history is in this city from the fearsome foursome to what might have been the greatest underdog story in NFL history if the rams would of won the super bowl against the steelers in 1979..i hope my team realy does come back..

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