Truth — not rumor — has it that Tony La Russa is about to pop more boners than Hugh Heffner has had lifetime, for the chance to sign Barry Bonds to a contract to play for the St. Louis Cardinals. The solution here is to play Bonds behind Pujols in the lineup. After watching the Cardinals choke a 2-1 lead in the bottom of the 9th earlier tonight, I had thoughts on the potential signing.

Don’t get me wrong. Barry Bonds is a huge risk to sign. You don’t know what you’re going to get out of him, he could ruin the potency of this St. Louis team (10 games over .500 at the moment — top 5 record in the league, or were), and, worst of all, the media could be terrorizing.

The fact is, the Cardinals need more boom in the bats. The pitching has been nothing less than stellar this season. Especially having eight (was nine) guys on the DL, with five being pitchers. The reasonable balance is this: if Barry Bonds reaches a deal to become a Cardinal, the offense is instantly added more power.

Now, I hate Bonds, and will forever hate Bonds, but this could be a good thing given that La Russa would keep him on a very short leash, that he would know his role on the team.


4 thoughts on “Barry Bonds in St. Louis

  1. OMG, no, I want Barroids and all the steroid cheats to have their records stripped.

    And those who are still playing to get the hell out!

  2. Troy, as a long time supporter of letting these guys beef up on whatever they feel like, signing Bonds is a no-issue, no-brainer for me. I hope he gets to play again this season. I dislike the guy for what I perceive his personality to be, but I love watching him at that plate.

  3. I’ve been begging for this move since last fall. Barry at 70% will still give pitchers enough that they would be forced to pitch to Albert for a change. Barry already knows who’s team it is, and he has enough respect for Pujols not to overstep his place within the ballclub. Go for it Mo!!!!

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