NBC Sports golf analyst Johnny Miller apologized for his description of U.S. Open runner-up Rocco Mediate , saying the comments had “absolutely nothing to do with his ethnicity.”

Mediate, a 45-year-old Pennsylvanian of Italian heritage, held a one-stroke lead over Tiger Woods during the fourth round Sunday. Miller said Mediate “looks like the guy who cleans Tiger’s swimming pool.” He also said, “Guys with the name ‘Rocco’ don’t get on the trophy, do they?”

“I apologize to anyone who was offended by my remarks,” Miller said in a statement Friday through NBC. “My intention was to convey my affection and admiration for Rocco’s everyman qualities and had absolutely nothing to do with his ethnicity. I chose my words poorly and in the future will be more careful.”

I’m a moderate follower of golf. I could knock down a logical 400-word piece about why Phil Mickelson is overrated anytime. With that said, the comments that Miller made about Mediate don’t make sense to me. I’ve talked to many of my closest friends about this, and they are in disagreeance with me, saying, “Oh, how can Miller say it wasn’t anything racist? We all know what he was talking about.”

What a ridiculous, over-the-top, over-sensitive, insane PC world we live in. Anyone offended by these most benign comments really needs to re-evaluate things. There is a lot going on the world to be legitimately bothered about. Choosing to take offense at these very innocent words spoken during a golf telecast (which clearly were not meant to focus on race or insult anyone) is just ludicrous.

Have we lost our sense of humor or what? I mean, holy crap! It is getting so that every time ANYONE starts to say something ‘off color’ they spend five minutes setting it up so as not to offend anyone. The world is going to hell in a hand basket. Oil prices are out of control, terrorism is rampant, drugs are killing kids, Hillary Clinton almost got into the White House, Al Gore is still spewing his phony science and gaining weight, Big Brown had a bad shoe, and Tiger Woods is out for the year. AND we are worried about something Johnny Miller said about Rocco Mediate? Rocco is a laugh a minute guy and probably thought Miller was nice enough to mention his name. Give me a freakin’ break! I love Miller’s honesty.


One thought on “Censorship on Sports TV — What the Hell?

  1. Yeah, it might be a bit too much. I have to say that his apology may have stemmed from the apology given a couple months ago for the comment made about Tiger and the noose. Maybe different, maybe not, but the fact remains that people are sensitive on different levels and for that reason the powers that be make decisions as not to lose viewership, sponsorship, or any other type of ship that would mean losing money. And, I totally agree about the Phil comment… LOL!

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