After wasting an exhilarating game five performance by Paul Pierce on a rotten loss that was contributed by Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo, Sam Cassell, Eddie House, and other Celtics players that could have made a bigger difference in the final minutes.

Coming back from big leads in two separate games is a big deal, especially if you can do it in two games that are three days apart from each other (Thursday’s game four; Friday’s game five). The Lakers yet again enjoyed a big lead in the first quarter of game five. Kobe was swishing 3s, and the rest of the team was hitting shots at will.

The Celtics D looked more soporific than Doris Roberts at a film festival, as the Lakers nearly dropped 40 in the first quarter. Yet the outcome still looked as equivocal as the ending of No Country For Old Men.

But the Celtics treaded to do the same thing they did on Thursday night. They wielded a comeback and whittled the Lakers’ lead to a marginal 55-52 deficit at halftime.

The Celtics took a brief lead in the third quarter but couldn’t tenaciously ensconce the game in their favor. The Lakers, albeit more rotten than a staled caramel-candy apple, were relentless and kept the game in control. The Lakers fans continued to show their ignorance by chanting “M-V-P! M-V-P!” every time Kobe, the NBA’s favorite wonder-rapist, was given a free-paid expense trip to the foul line.

The Celtic shooters missed bucket after bucket. Garnett stunk so badly you would’ve figured that Magic Johnson lurked inside the Celtics’ locker room prior to the game and took the biggest shit in the world, and Garnett took a big whiff if it that distorted his game into an awry convolution.

The Lakers managed to lead by double digits again, this time by 14, but guess what? The Celtics managed to come back and take control of a lead in the 4th quarter 92-90. But that was the last Boston lead, as Kobe pulled a cavalcade of cheap dunks off of a couple of fast breaks, and was fouled a time or two from the referees who were down on their knees vying for Kobe the whole night. On one of the last possessions of the game, Paul Pierce was completely mugged after grabbing a hard fought rebound away from the Lakers. No foul was called, and Pierce managed to get up the court, had the ball stolen after being slapped in the forehand multiple times by Mr. Kobe Bryant, and the game was virtually over.

Number 17 will be awaiting its destiny tonight. Celtics fans alike me have been waiting for this moment forever. We want to see the boys in green and white receive their dues for their tedious and strenuous season. They have played 107 games (not counting pre-season or the trip to Italy) this year, and are bit by it on their way to becoming depleted. Paul Pierce’s possibly-damaged knee, Ray Allen’s personal problems (his unfortunate situation of his son being ill), Kevin Garnett’s prominent intimidation, Rajon Rondo’s ailments and sloppy play, and Kendrick Perkins’ doubtfulness of playing in tonight’s game (well, it’s a game-time decision).

Let’s go Celtics! Please elucidate number Seventeen for us!


3 thoughts on “It’s Happening; Oh, It’s Happening

  1. Wow!! You’re really letting LA have it tonight, huh?… a true green and white fan. Let’s just see how it goes… I feel like it’s going to be crazy tonight!

  2. Troy, watching the first quarter…KG looks like he might have his A-game goin’ on tonight. This could be it…if the Hornets couldn’t get it done, I hope for your sake the Celts do.

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