Paul Pierce isn’t a daredevil, but he was on a wheelchair in game one of the NBA Finals on Thursday night.

Pierce, who only scored 3 points in the first half of the game, and 6 in the third quarter prior to being carried by his teammates to be put onto a wheelchair and taken to the locker room, ended up skipping back onto the court, scoring 12 more points in the quarter, and 2 back-to-back 3’s which sparked the Celtics to a 10-point win.

Now, I would like to personally get a sledgehammer and beat the sensorium of out every sportswriters’ brain. Why? Because they are — or most of them are — painstakingly ignorant. A lot of people have been fed up with Paul Pierce being compared to Willis Reed. Guess what, folks? The only media that I’ve heard that’s been comparing Pierce to Reed has been ESPN (so here’s a tip: QUIT WATCHING THE WORLD WIDE LEADER!). Search up Paul Pierce online. Go to Technorati, Bloglines, Digg, etc., and you will find more hate than not. Go to opinion pieces from Yahoo! Sports, USA Today, LA Times, etc. You will find so many people bashing Pierce than lauding him. Trust me.

The wheelchair was pretty bad, and Pierce even said he was ashamed of being taken to the Celtics’ locker room in one, but besides the mind, the knee could be the most deceiving part of the human body. Think about it. I’ve had several knee injuries in my lifetime, and they all — or at least most of them — made me feel like I would never walk on that leg again when I tried to. But every time I got up and didn’t have a problem after a good five minutes.

That’s right, I mean, Paul Pierce is the drama queen and Kobe Bryant is the hero.

What about the Utah series, when Kobe hurt his back and was lying on the ground and rolling around like a rabid ferret? What about his overreacting? What about his melodramatic moment? Not too longer after, he gets up and he’s touted as a hero, but Pierce is the drama queen. Hypocrites.

Double standards, Lakers fans/Celtics haters/Plain ol’ idiots.

(SIDE NOTE: For the first half of the game, I wore my Pierce jersey. During halftime, with the Celtics losing, I removed the jersey. Pierce went on to light the game up, turning it around for the boys in green and white.)


5 thoughts on “Daredevils in Wheelchairs

  1. I felt Phil Jackson’s comments about the Paul Pierce fiasco put everything in perspective quite nicely about the events that unfolded, where Paul went from being a cripple for life to knocking down three’s. For the Celtics’ sake, he better be on two good wheels for the rest of the series as the Lakers played awful in Game 1 and still almost won. I love your tag “Drama Queens.” Paul has been getting savaged about this and rightly so.

  2. Hey Troy! Thanks for visiting the site. K, your post is hilarious. “Drama Queen” is an understatement… I don’t know–it’s just something about Pierce that sends me. Now, you never can be too careful with a pending injury with these guys, but a wheel chair? You remember when Alonzo got hurt?… he refused hardly any help at all and walked off (barely) the court. These guys are thoroughbreds of their field and unless I see the white meat they don’t need all the assistance hype. Hey, are you doing the play by play tonight?

  3. Bottom line, knee injuries are confusing. It’s hard to make of them, but yeah, the wheelchair was definitely unnecessary.

    “Drama Queen” would definitely be an understatement for Kobe and his whining from last Spring. 😉 But I digress! I’m sorry, but every time I see him shoot a jumper I nearly lose my temper. Really. His arrogance and swagger just pisses me off. He’s a great player, THE best in the NBA at this moment. I just get so damn aggravated, though.

    I decided not to do the live blog tonight, just to take a night off. But I regret it. I’ll try to get one in for game 3.

  4. Yeah, I understand taking the night off. But just as props, your capturing the play by play is very different and exciting to see/be part of… something unique to this blog because it’s very conversational, too. K, bye.

  5. I just read something that reminded me of the fact our man Paul got stabbed like 11 times back in the day. Maybe he’s tougher than we gave him some cred for earlier…I duuno. I do know the Lakers might want to bring some guts of their own to the Staples Center Sunday night, unless they’re already bringing their packed bags…

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