At tip off tonight, I will be starting a live blog of game one of the NBA Finals featuring the Lakers visiting the Celtics to start off the silly 2-3-2 Finals format that I loathe. I will update every couple of minutes, so keep visiting.

Yes, I am wearing my home/white Paul Pierce jersey.

8:56 — the live blog will start shortly. Congrats to KG for receiving the cover of NBA 2k9.

8:57 — I love the Celtics’ player introduction theme, and for the fact that the song played is Requiem for a Dream.

9:00 — my stomach is killing me (And no, I don’t have digestive problems). This is the first Finals in years that I’ve felt that it will have a HUGE difference on my mood after it’s over with. I’m officially BEYOND fired up. I actually like that melodramatic hype-up NBA Finals opening video.

9:04 — what the hell’s up with that little patch on Mike Breen’s forehead?

9:06 — Doc Rivers holding a clipboard with a play being drawn up on it. How often do you see that? Just kidding. His pre-game talk was a lot better than Phil Jackson’s. I don’t like Rivers much, but I support him 100 percent.

9:11 — The crowd isn’t as vicious as it was hyped up to be. C’mon, I want to see some 2004 Pistons-type crowd now, damn it! Gasol knocks down a quick jumper to open the game.

9:13 — Kobe misses a jumper of Ray Allen. Y’know, Allen played tight defense but it’s not enough against the league’s best player and MVP.

9:14 — Garnett knocks down the Celtics’ first basket. The Lakers aren’t too great on the boards. Look for the C’s to keep taking it to them.

9:16 — Pierce creates a tough move to the basket and rolls in a tough layup. Score is 6-5 LA.

9:17 — Kendrick Perkins is the Lakers’ worst nightmare. He is a beast on the boards, and will feed on Lamar Odom’s and Pau Gasol’s asses the whole series (or should).

9:18 — The Celtics are being pounded in the post so far. What the hell? GARNETT throws down a HUGE DUNK! Ties the game at 10!

9:20 — Through six minutes, Kobe Bryant is still scoreless.

9:23 — Seems like most of KG’s shots have banged off the back iron and all went awry. Pierce’s last shot did the same thing!

9:25 — No surprise that the Celtics have been shaky coming out. They’ll calm down. . . I hope!

9:26 — Kome, I mean Kobe, bangs in his first basket seven minutes into the game. Vladimir Radmanovic is now in foul trouble.

9:28 — Garnett has eight points so far in the first quarter. His shots are falling, but I’m worried: what if his shots start failing later in the game? What do the Celtics resort to? 14-14 all.

9:28 — Nice lateral shot by Ray Allen. And comes back and hits a 3 afterwards! Celtics up by five!

9:34 — Celtics build a 7-point lead as Rajon Rondo knocks down free throws.

9:35 — Celtics are finally clogging up the paint. Sasha Vujacic. Boston leads 21-19.

9:36 — KG misses a Rajon Rondo-sent alley oop.

9:37 — Garnett sits down. 4-7, 8 points, 4 boards, receives a loud ovation. Game tied at 21.

9:38 — P.J. ‘Old Man’ Brown banks in a hookshot. Celtics lead 23-21 with as the first quarter expires.

9:42 — What the hell? What’s with the in-game interviews? They suck. We the fans, I the guy that’s a fan who happens to be writing, don’t learn a damn thing! Especially when you’re interviewing a cocky dickhead like Phil Jackson.

9:43 — Mike Breen and his aberrations in his speech kill me.

9:45 — Sam Cassell’s forced jumper falls in. Celtics lead 27-23.

9:46 — Cassell’s hitting some wild shit with a hand in his face. What the hell is going too happen to happen when they can’t hit those, though?! C’mon Celtics!

9:50 — Awww, another melodramatic shot featuring Kobe. Fuck that.

9:51 — SOMEBODY SHOVE A SOCK IN JEFF VAN GUNDY’S FACE!! HURRY!! HURRY!! HURRY!! BY GOD, TREAT HIM LIKE A COMMIE! GET RID OF THE COMMIE! AHHH! I can’t stand this crazy ass commentary. He sounds like a sickly granny.

9:52 — Sam ‘Take the Lakers to Hell’ Cassell CAN NOT miss. 3 for 3. He keeps hitting these immeasurable shots! And they’re going in! No complaining! Pierce heads to the line on the next series. 31-29 Boston leads.

9:55 — ‘MVP’ chants yelled at Garnett. What the hell? I guess I understand it, but ALL RIGHT, come on. Let’s hear some more BEAT LA chants. Maybe Phil Jackson will drown in it and won’t be able to get the refs’ attention for a timeout. Celtics lead 34-31 with 7 minutes left in the second.

9:56 — Garnet’s a master at the pull-up. Yet I still hold my breath every time he shoots. I get so damn scared when he does it. Guess that’s why I’m so used to Duncan and his traditionally fundamental (and to you haters, ‘boring’) hookshots that are so safe and fundamentally SOUND.

9:57 — Doc Rivers’ looks like a pissed off bulldog. I just noticed that. Fouls are going around like crazy. The refs are blowing the whistles harder than Jon Amaechi blows. . . I’m not going to say.

9:58 — Celtics are getting some lucky breaks. Gasol just missed an easy toss in into the basket. Garnett nails another basket. He has 16 points, and the last 8 of Celtics’ points.

10:02 — ESPN hasn’t killed us with too many Bird/Magic highlights. Plus one.

10:03 — Sam Cassell just elicited a charge out of Kobe. Damn, he’s fired up tonight.

10:05 — Pierce on the bench. 3 points, 3 fouls. Celtics narrowly lead 40-39.

10:07 — Lakers lead 41-40. The Celtics’ crowd sounds dead compared to before. The Lakers are starting to take over.

10:08 — Van Gundy is right. The C’s can’t control the Lakers’ pick and roll. They are being gangbanged. Lakers lead 45-42.

10:11 — Like VeRonda was saying in the comments, Kobe’s about to get ready and go off. Just don’t know when. Damn it, I had these feelings during the Spurs game in game one of the Western Conference Finals.

10:13 — The Celtics are now going into the paint and shooting AND MAKING baskets at will. I hope they keep going there. Lakers lead 47-44, as the Lakers are catching onto a nascent rhythm.

10:15 — 8 turnovers for the Celtics. Not a good number when it’s only the first half of play. Rondo hits an open jumper (4 of 7, 10 points, 3 assists). Lakers lead 51-46.

10:17 — The Celtics’ crowd is too damn quiet. Lakers lead 51-46 at the half.

10:43 — Second half starts. Game tied at 58.

10:45 — Kobe just showed why he’s the best player in the league with that jump and flip-pass to Gasol.

10:47 — Kobe is starting to rev up. Paul Pierce is down and out, holding his knee. BAD NEWS to see.

10:50 — Pierce is wheelchaired to the Celtics’ locker room. Goddamn it. This could be the series right here.

10:52 — It’s hard to continue writing while being concerned about these damn injuries. Kendrick Perkins is now limping off the court and onto the sidelines.

10:53 — So now the captain, Paul Pierce, is in the locker room and so is Perkins.

10:53 — Ray Allen enlightens the Celtics, hits a 3 to tie the game at 62.

10:54 — Since when did P.J. Brown learn how to run a screen so well? Awesome setup for Ray.

10:56 — This is why Paul Pierce is my second favorite player in the NBA. He ran out onto the court with energy and fierceness. He’s playing through pain and is ready to come into the game. This guy has heart, unlike many NBA players, and damn, it just lights my Celtic fan-heart on fire to see it show.

11:01 — Celtics lead 65-62 with a little over 4:30 left in the third.

11:02 — Paul Pierce has a momentum changing steal, but Allen makes a bad pass instead of taking the easy layup and turns the ball over. Odom puts it in on the other site.

11:03 — The refs are living for the Lakers. Everything for the Lakers. Kevin Garnett barely touched Radmanovic and he gets 3 attempts at the stripe.

11:05 — Kobe jams in a ball that was sent by Fisher. Lakers lead 69-68.

11:06 — Kobe is catching fire. 18 points for the MVP. Lakers lead 71-69.

11:07 — The Lakers are boxing out well. Gasol, especially. Something I didn’t expect to see. But the Celtics are playing more aggressive than ever.

11:08 — Pierce hits a 3! Puts the Celtics up by 1!

11:08 — Pierce, back to back 3-pointers! Celtics up by 4! 75-71!

11:10 — Pierce picks up foul number four, and takes a seat on the bench. Kobe hits both free throws. Rondo fouled, hits both free throws.

11:11 — Celtics lead at the end of the third 77-73.

11:15 — Another in-game interview. This time with Doc Rivers. He expresses his happiness for Pierce being back into the game. He talks about his rotation, minutes and the bench coming through. I learned absolutely nothing. I hate in-game interviews. Did I mention that yet? 77-75 Celtics.

11:17 — Celtics lead by 6. 81-75.

11:20 — Holy shit. Did you see Garnett’s loop around leap? Cassell knocked down the jumper, too. Wow.

11:20 — Cassell misses a 3. He’ll hit tough shots in the first half but will miss wide open jumpers in the second. Jeez.

11:21 — James Posey hits a wide open 3. Celtics lead by 8. Biggest lead of the game for either team!

11:25 — Farmar steps out of bounds with the ball touching his hand. The Celtics are being fucked by the refs. Fuck.

11:26 — Celtics lead 86-80 with a little over 7 minutes left in the game.

11:27 — Phil is saving Kobe for when he revs up a little later in the 4th *gulp*. Yes, I’m scared, and I AM NOT convinced.

11:27 — Lakers are coming back. Vujacic hits a 2. 86-82 Celtics.

11:30 — I’m not convinced. Definitely not. The Celtics aren’t scoring. And Kobe will be back into the game soon to abuse his power.

11:33 — I love the physical play in this game. Gotta give P.J. Brown his props. He’s been a pure animal this game on the boards.

11:37 — Celtics up 9-82.

11:38 — P.J. Brown was just called for a blocking foul. Bullshit. The refs are full of shit. Clearly a charge. He was set way before Odom ran into him, and was outside the circle. The refs are terrible.

11:41 — I apologize for the profanity. But it hasn’t been nearly as bad as the Rams/49ers live blog I did last September.

11:42 — Celtics lead by 5 (90-85) with a little over 2:30 left.

11:45 — Physical play is being enacted further. Gasol misses the first of two three throws. Hits the second. Celtics lead 91-86 with a little over 1:45 left. Rondo to the line.

11:46 — Posey misses a 3 but Garnett slams it down as the ball flies off the rim! Celtcs by 8! a little over 1 left!

11:48 — This game should be dubbed in future references as the Foul City Game. Garnett goes to the line from a reach in by Fisher. Good job by Posey, by the way, for turning down the wide open look. Garnett hits both free throws.

11:49 — Celtics up by 8 with 1:01 left.

11:52 — Take away PJ Brown’s tough nosed rebounding, his take-no-shit-from-nobody defense, and his procuring-the-basketball style of play, the Celtics DEFINITELY lose the game tonight.

This win feels great. Thanks for reading the Live Blog everyone.


27 thoughts on “NBA Finals – Game One – Live Blog

  1. I don’t understand why the NBA would go with the 2-3-2 style just for the Finals…either way best believe the Celtics would grab the better end of the stick in this series.

    And hell ya I’ll be wearing my white KG jersey! BEAT LA!

  2. I love it how almost everyone has a different nickname for PJ Brown. You refer to him as “Old Man” and personally, I call him “Dino” because I believe he resembles a dinosaur.

  3. Hey Troy, I’m loving the blog. I’m sorry that Celtics/Spurs didn’t happen. I know you’re a diehard Celtics fan and wished your Dad was watching the game with you tonight, but he’s in Heaven now and cheering for the Celtics up there, too! I’m sure he’s wearing that BEAT LA shirt, man!!!

    GO CELTICS! Again, love the blog and the writing. Keep it up, man!

  4. PJ Brown’s shot was messed up a second ago because he adjusted his finger around the ball, which isn’t good when a chest pass is thrown at you.

  5. Words can’t describe how big a role Garnett has played so far tonight…and damn, Kobe’s starting to show his greatness.

  6. Starting to show his greatness? He hasn’t even started turning it up… and, if the crowd keeps chanting “MVP” for KG we’ll really see Kobe in action… He loves when the crowd starts to get on his case.

  7. Man, I’m so glad Pierce has come back to drill those two 3s! I hate that he has four fouls though 😦

  8. Great writing as usual. I love the live blog…really interesting to hear your impulsive thoughts as this game unfolds. Man as a Sixers fan I hate the Lakers with a passion!

  9. I HATE THE CELTICS SO BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well damn it Troy. I read the blog every now and then but I HATE THE CELTICS

  10. Paul-freaking-Pierce. When he went down in a heap the entire season flashed before my eyes. That standing ovation he received coming back onto the court was electric! Think he wants this one much?

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