The NBA is gaining back from me.

Gaining back some of the bad rep. that it doesn’t need. Especially for the fact that the NBA appointed referee, and Spurs hater, Joey Crawford to ref. the Spurs/Lakers game 4 last night in San Antonio.

Why, if you’re the NBA, do you have Joey Crawford ref the game, especially for the fact that the Spurs are playing? Could you find any more proof that the NBA is trying to get rid of the dynasty, the Spurs’ team that has won four titles in nine seasons. A team that has, albeit dropped television ratings for the NBA, made the NBA’s image that much better for the fact that they’re clean, fundamentally-sound team.

Brent Barry was fouled last night. Clearly. The last play was set to have the ball go to Manu Ginobili. It never reached Manu. Lakers’ guard Derek Fisher jumped and Brent Barry went right into him on the floor, off the dribble, instead of taking a jumpshot.

I can understand the situation, mainly because it wasn’t in his mind to do it. It’s hard to think so quickly when you’re having to perform a play that was drawn up only moments later by Popovich. You’re supposed to get the ball to Ginobili. But you’re pretty much fouled, and you’re not taking the chance at the clear shooting foul. It didn’t happen for Barry. Hell, I’m not taking up for Barry or effacing the fact that he screwed up. I’m only using a counterpoint to negate people’s thoughts that have been writing him off as an idiot.

Now, back to Joey Crawford: the play was still a foul. I don’t care what you say. Michael Wilbon says he would have called it if Barry tried to shoot. Well, he didn’t try to shoot, but it was still a clear-cut, full-force, in your face foul. IT WAS A FOUL. Crawford didn’t call it. And it, in a way, deep down inside all of my anger about all of this, amuses me.

Joey Crawford ejected Tim Duncan from a Mavericks game last year, late regular season, for laughing on the bench. Obviously he hates the Spurs, as I was iterating earlier in this post. Earlier in the playoffs, he aggressively poked Spurs’ coach Gregg Popovich in the chest. In the Hornets’ series, he gave Popovich a technical. Now, he gives a big F-U to the Spurs and says “Sayonara, bitches!”

Thank you, NBA, for f’ing up again, in the wake of bad reffing, in the wake of Tim Donoghue, for allowing a dumbass like Joey Crawford to ref a Spurs game, a team that he obviously has a bias against.


2 thoughts on “The NBA: Gaining Back

  1. Troy, you know I was “away” from the NBA for awhile. Great post. I just bought myself a Hornets shirt online. I watched every game they played in the post-season. I even watched some games down the stretch when the Western conference teams were jockeying for position. I have a renewed interest in the league for sure. I’m already looking forward to next year. I just have to overlook the fact there’s no pro basketball in Philly. (I loathe the Sick-ers)

  2. I deeply understand your problem with the Sixers. A young star in Iguodala that has been getting a zero percent amount of help from the front office has been ridiculous. I don’t understand the cap situation there, but I do know that there hasn’t been anything done to improve on the team in the prospective. Man, maybe if they had a Kevin Pritchard type of general manager.

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