Mixed Martial Arts has been on the uprise for the past few years. And it’s growing larger, still yet, to this day. Especially now that Kevin Ferguson, the latest MMA phenom, is making his way into the sport.

I guess you may be sitting there, thinking, “Who in the hell is Kevin Ferguson?” You may know him as Kimbo Slice. The YouTube legend, hall of famer, idol. Being known by his incredibly backyard brawls that were taped by friends and average watchers of fights, Kimbo Slice made a name for himself by bashing up ‘homies’ in not only backyards, but in alleyways and street corners.

Kimbo — who I’ll refer to as KS for now on — defeated the 46-year-old Ray Mercer in his pro-exhibition MMA debut in 1:12 (one minute, twelve seconds).

KS’s a brawler — a tough top game that features hard hits and heavy arm knocks. His chest is virtually made of steel. The 34-year-old Slice made mince meat out of Mercer by simply overpowering him.

However, the knock on KS is his ground game. All of his critics will tell you that. But why is it verboten for him to learn it? That’s what I don’t understand. What if he develops the ground game, and balances it with his tough, heavy hitting top game? We’ll see.


3 thoughts on “Kimbo Slice

  1. One of the big knocks on Slice is that people in MMA have been working against the perception that the sport is as barbaric as his backyard brawls for some time. They feel they are making progress and that Kimbo hinders that progress.

    Second, he will not be taken seriously in the sport as long as they are not giving him fights that he has a chance to lose. Problem is there is not a fighter in the EliteXC that can likely go toe to toe with him long enough. The UFC had the right idea with Brock Lesnar fighting Frank Mir. It’s my feeling that the results of that fight would be very similar if Slice were to face someone with Mir’s skill and experience…and Lesnar was a pretty damn good wrestler back in the day.

    Third…yes a ground game matters. It matters a lot. There is a reason the guys like Tank Abbot have fallen from the sport (other than age).

    In his defense, they say he is training hard. Seems to be a good guy off camera. He just needs that real fight. Right now it isn’t much more to me than like in Rocky III when they were giving him a bunch of chump fights.

  2. The backlash is not necessairly against Kimbo, but the way he is being promoted. He’s fought less than stellar competition and the first guy he’s fought (James Thompson) who wasn’t over the hill (Tank Abbot) or never was a true MMA competitor (Bo Contrell) he had HUGE problems with even though Thompson lost 6 or his last 8 fights. Yet Kimbo is the main event for MMA first Televised fight card on basic cable!! Sure promote him to get the average fan invovled, but Elite XC should have had Scott Smith vs Robbie Lawler as the Main and final event as A: it was a title fight and B: Lawler is considered a top 10 fighter at 185 pounds where as Slice is barely top 50 in reality.

    As for Elite XC’s choice of Slices oppenent for this main event bout, James Thompson had been brutally KO’d in Elite XC’s last fight card vs Brett Rogers who was rewarded with said win by NOT being put on the main event vs Kimbo. So the loser of the previous fight gets a shot at Kimbo and Main event status?? No that doesn’t sound fishy at all.
    Gary Shaw is a failed boxing promoter who’s brought his sleezy ways into MMA and is milking the Kimbo Slice phenominon for all it’s worth.

    By all accounts Kimbo has taken to the sports seriously and has a world class instructor in Bas Rutten who fought a lot in MMA during the 90’s and early 2000’s and really knows his stuff. If Bas Rutten says Kimbo is a good hard worker, it’s valid enough for any knowledgeable MMA fan. The fact is now after seeing him vs mediocre competition and gaining a win by a very questionable call, hardcore MMA fans have been proven right. He’s not worthy of the attention he’s been given. It should be noted that Hardcore MMA fans could care less about the business aspect, they want to see the best fighters fight the best and have them promoted regardless of wether they draw interest of casual fans.

    The fact that Kimbo is promoted as a backyard brawler does play into the negative perception of MMA fighters, when the truth of the matter is, a lot of MMA fighters are ex-collegiate wrestlers and a lot of them have degrees and are quite intelligent and fight for the love of competition.

  3. Troy, due to your post and another blogger’s I read prior to the CBS telecast…as well as reading an article about what CBS hoped to accomplish…I gave this a try. The MMA is “way” outside of my comfort level and I was really pushing the envelope giving it a try. I went into it eyes wide open with no preconceptions and having only seen it while flipping channels. Didn’t know what it would be like. My observations were that I was not surprised at how many viewers it got, but I was stunned at how it came off looking more like scripted pro wrestling than legit sport, with all the flygirls, long-winded intros and large posses. And in almost three hours, there was a grand total of about fifteen minutes of actual “action.” That being said, the Carano-Young female fight was as competitive as you could ask for and I think either one of them could give Kimbo a run for his money if they got him into a third round. Seriously though, I think from what I saw the MMA has to decide what it wants to be. I was glad I expanded my horizons to take it in but I’m not sure I’ll give it another go…but I will keep one eye on it to see how it progresses. I think if they wanted to take it “serious” it could threaten boxing someday down the road. It’s much more primal and immediate.

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