Unfortunately, this is the crap that goes on when the NBA won’t let kids go straight to the league and NCAA happily accepts the one-and-done crowd.

Southern California is also being penalized two scholarships because of dismal academic performance in basketball. Nice job by Tim Floyd; who would have ever expected that OJ Mayo would do something like that?

Though, I really don’t blame OJ as much in this as Ron Guillory. OJ was just doing what a lot of very talented kids do when they become accustomed to getting plane tickets and clothes and shoes from AAU programs, which are funded by the shoe companies anyway. Are we really going to expect kids who grew up with nothing to know the difference? (It’s OK to take from this guy, but bad to take from that guy? (Come on.)

Everybody in basketball knows the game. You give kids enough so that they are reeled in by guys like Guillory, who will deliver them to the agents when they turn pro. For the most part, college coaches aren’t even part of the equation. What’s Tim Floyd supposed to do? Say no? Tell the kid he can’t come play at USC?

The amazing part of this story is how f’n greedy and arrogant Guillory is. First of all, Bill Duffy has to cut off the money supply because he spent too much, which is hilarious. Then, he supposedly gets around $250K but only spends about $30k of it on OJ. Then, when he decides he can’t split the money with this other dude, he obviously thinks the dude is going to just go away silently. Big, big mistake.


One thought on “OJ Mayo and Phat Stacks

  1. USC, between Reggie Bush and O.J. Mayo, has themselves not only some PR issues but some NCAA issues. The whole “play one year and turn pro” thing just solidifies the joke of the “student-athlete” in collegiate sports. People seem to shrug it off – its too late to rein it in now. However, the NCAA needs to stop the farce of trying to enforce their insane rules and continue to crank out propaganda that major college athletes are in school to get an education. USC isn’t doing anything different than anyone else, they just got caught. And what they got caught at isn’t even worth worrying about. If you’re going to create the scenario where we all know a kid is going to college just as a minor league stop before the big leagues, you’ve got to expect he has an agent, a posse, etc. It’s lunacy to have that be allowable and then hammer other kids for not having a 2.0, or taking the right courses at the right time, or talking to coaches out of season, or practicing the sport at the wrong time, etc.

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