I guess your eyes are less sore this time since the new TSTOS banner is up. The one that I’ve had the past couple of days was apart of the test that I was using a year ago during the innate era of TSTOS. Tell me your thoughts on the banner if you want — I like it a lot, especially because it’s new and adds substance to this 220+ post blog. And since it’s new, I’m going to add a new segment to TSTOS. Since the name is Troy’s Thoughts on Sports, I figure I would write a post every so often speaking about random thoughts on sports (and sometimes more than sports). So, without further ado, enjoy the first edition of Troy’s Thoughts.

Troy’s Thought No. 1
What’s up with the FSN Midwest guys touting Rick Ankiel as Babe Ruth? I’m a huge fan of Ankiel,
and I understand the significance of the conversion he made from pitcher to bloodthirsty hitter, but to compare him to the Big Bambino is like comparing 5 gum (circa 2007) to Trident gum (circa 1960). Trient has (was?) doing it for much longer and will not sit down for 5 gum. But I digress.

Troy’s Thought No. 2
Chris Cooley’s thoughts on the drug testing by the NFL (sourced by Jim Rome on Jim Rome is Burning) was hilarious. His intricate recounting on throwing back six glasses of cranberry juice and letting it loose while some ‘old man’ was ‘checking his package out’ was hilarious. There seems to be something about athletes from D.C. that are avid bloggers (Gilbert Arenas to name another)

Troy’s Thought No. 3
I wouldn’t mind seeing some kind of [salary] cap in baseball, but it’s far less focused on right now compared to all that baseball is looking into right now. Ranting and raving about everybody’s boy, Jose Conseco’s, new book, Clemens/McNamee, Clemens’ involvement with the Mindy McCready chick when she was 15, all the other steroids, the jettison of Barry Bonds, etc. is all prominently ahead of the Yankees/Red Sox monopoly games that are played every year. But ESPN will be glad to force feed us Yankees and Red Sox allllllllll the time. Wooooooooo! Yay for Troy spending a ridiculous amount of money for MLB Extra Innings ONLY TO WATCH the Cardinals!


2 thoughts on “Troy’s Thoughts #1

  1. Yo troy nice blog, ill try to read when i get time most days.

    And I agree with salary cap in baseball, I actually wrote a 5-7 pg paper on it in HS.

    Go suns, screw the spurs


  2. The banner is utterly bad ass and nothing less. To whoever done it, please tell ask him/her if they could cut my lawn and make a design out of it. Haaaaaa.

    I read CC’s blog about that and fell out of my chair laughing.

    As always keep up the great work Troy. Still the best blogger on wordpress, or atleast I think so still yet.

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