In about half an hour I’m going to go out and check out the 10PM special premiere (well, the premiere here anyway) of the movie Iron Man. I’m pretty excited to see it, because so far it’s gotten raving reviews rather than gauche ones. And even if I’m not the type of guy that’s interested in a high amount of Sci-Fi Action-Adventures, the action and story of this movie has gotten me hooked and reeled, hence why I’m wanting to go out and watch it.

I’m convinced that people who hate sports are closet sports fans. I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, regardless of their beliefs, etc. But I also believe that people have secondary opinions. Much to be disclosed in the closet. Take this guy for example. Heck, he’s a pretty damn good writer, but he laments to his readers that he dislikes sports. Yet, he’ll throw in a sports term in his post title. Good way to deceive people, I guess.

Avery Johnson was fired by Mark Cuban and Co. yesterday afternoon, and it was announced that the probability of Mike D’Antoni staying in Phoenix as the Suns’ head coach is up in the air. First off, I’ve always been a big fan of Avery. I’m not going to go out and read his book (it doesn’t appeal to me), but I appreciate him for what he accomplished with the Spurs (’99 championship) and for his accolades as the Dallas Mavericks’ coach. I remember hearing a few months ago that Avery wanted Dirk out of Dallas to acquire Kidd. It didn’t happen, albeit still acquiring Kidd, but the Mavericks drove themselves into a pit, losing to the Chris Paul-led New Orleans Hornets in the first round playoff series, thus coercing the Mavs to jettison AJ after two consecutive first round ousts.

As for D’Antoni, I have to hand it to him. He integrated Steve Nash into the system (which was/is a system that Nash was/is used to anyhow). He built up a young team and strove to lead them to the NBA Finals. However, in four seasons, in was smacked by the Spurs three times and the Mavericks once. Two Western Conference Finals appearances. A second round oust. And this year, a first round loss to the defending champions. If the Suns do get rid of D’Antoni, mark my words that Nash will become a big liability over the next couple of years due to a new system being comprised.


2 thoughts on “Iron Man, Sports Haters, AJ and Mike D’Antoni

  1. Great first two paragraphs, Troy. I have to admit the last two sounded like “Blah, blah, blah, some guy did some stuff and this other guy told them how to do it and then some people got all blah, blah, blah.”

    Kudos, fellow sports fan! Cue the Dr. Who theme! Go sports!

  2. D’Antoni will have a head coaching job in another couple of weeks and whomever gets him will be better off. I agree it will be interesting to see who inherits the Suns and how they utilize the components. I have no issue with Avery Johnson being a good dude, but you knew Cuban was gonna tee him up after losing to New Orleans. He has some more house cleaning to do for sure.

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