Shaq wasn’t the first great player to win a title with the Lakers, and he won’t be the last. Yay for the titles. . . now he needs to take his share of the blame for the fact the 2003-2004 Lakers fell apart.

I hear what people are saying about Shaq doing great things for the Lakers, but Shaq did so many little things during his time in Los Angeles that the media (locally and nationally) let slide, while Kobe Bryant was constantly roasted (most of the time deservedly so).

“If you don’t feed the big dog, I’m not gonna guard the house.” (i.e. give me the ball on offense or I ain’t playin defense) — the media thought that was hilarious. Imagine if Bryant had said that. “I got hurt on company time, I’ll have surgery on company time.” (that was when Shaq waited to have surgery right before the season started instead of the offseason).

And, no matter what he said, he was never willing to share the spotlight with Kobe the way he did with Wade (at least temporarily) or Nash (currently).

It’s also no coincidence that whenever he leaves a team, he leaves behind at least one teammate who he’s feuded with publicly (Anfernee (Penny) Hardaway, Kobe Bryant, and now half the Miami roster plus Pat Riley).

I appreciate those Laker teams, but I think Shaq receives TOO MUCH credit. Bryant did a lot of heavy lifting, especially during the Western Conference playoffs. Then, in the Finals, Shaq usually faced an East squad with no center and dominated and earned the Finals MVP honors. Also, guys like Robert Horry, Rick Fox, Ron Harper, Brian Shaw. . . they all made so many shots. Don’t get me wrong. Shaq made things so much easier for players like them. But people who say Shaq was the central figure and really disregard Bryant’s role in those title runs aggravate me.

Shaq is a great player, but I also think he’s a big time phony.


3 thoughts on “Shaq and his Laker Days

  1. you didn’t use one fact!! so your opinion is that people give shaq too much credit. where is your stats or facts!! If anything Kobe is given too much credit. Kobe fans act like he was just as good as shaq, when shaq was in his prime on the lakers. Check the numbers and you’ll see that it is not true. Kobe’s playoff numbers were worse than his regular season stats. Ecspecially his field goal percentage. compare his field goal percentage to shaq and the case is closed. So don’t try to act like Kobe did so much.

  2. Are you ignorant? (I know you’re ignorant of the English language for the fact that your username that is a petty attempt to deign me — it’s You’re, not Your, unless you mean YourDumbBlogReader, in which you left the other half out, buddy).

    The blog post was about media love and media bias. Understand that.

    FYI, I’m a Spurs/Celtics fan.

  3. I think in Shaq’s day, he was a force that surely was a big part of the Magic…and Laker success stories, but that ship sailed a long time ago and he’s been taking up space for awhile now. Still, during those Laker championships all that space he took up was complimented with hitting some buckets and drawing big men into foul trouble, bringing down doubleteams and freeing up the guards, etc. I give him his due for his share of L.A.’s run. If you’re using percentages of who made them what they were back then, talking just Kobe and Shaq and “others,” I would give Kobe 55%, Shaq 35% and “others” 10%.

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