You can check out the video and make your decision. I know mine

I can’t blame Holt for saying that. The Rams don’t care about him anyway. The way the Rams use players is pathetic. The alienation of Isaac Bruce broke my heart as a fan, and to see Holt leave wouldn’t appease the pain of seeing long-tenured Rams leaving one bit. That’s been his dream to play in Carolina, so I understand it, especially if he got to play on the same team as his brother.

“After two years we’ll go from there.” = “After these two years are up, I’m gettin’ the hell outta’ St. Louis.”


3 thoughts on “Torry Holt will be a Carolina Panther in two Years

  1. I was unaware Torry was airing his dissatisfaction with the Rams so strongly. This is definitely a “situation” to be resolved. I don’t know what the Panthers have St. Louis would need, other than draft picks for the future. This may/could/should have been addressed during the draft, with the Panthers’ giving away a first rounder to the Eagles so they could get an offensive lineman…which by the way the Eagles kinda need. The Eagles’ drafts are always “odd” at best. But I do digress – if Holt is going to be a PR problem no better time to move him than while the “seas of change” are rolling fresh off the Draft.

  2. I hope this is only a “I’m happy for my brother that he’s playing inside our home state” type of ordeal. I remember some player from some league saying a year or two ago that he wouldn’t mind playing for another team, and to this day he’s still playing for the same team he wouldn’t have minded leaving. Wish I could remember who it was. I don’t see Torry distending into a CJ or Terrell Owens, so this is a little disheartening to me, but I’m pretty certain that after these next two years are up on his Rams contract that he’ll be ready to step aside from being a number one receiver, since he’d be 34 years old by then. And I just can’t imagine him playing until he’s 36, the age Bruce will be in November, due to all the knee troubles he has.

  3. It’s absolutely disheartening for me as well, to see my Holt boy go. Hopefully we get Linehan out of town, get some good HC in, and convince Holt to stay, because if I was a Ram right now, I’d definitely want to go away, unfortunately.

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