The 2008 NFL season is a little over four months away. After the Draft commenced this weekend, I realized that I couldn’t wait until the season to start. I’m a football fan before I’m a [die hard] Rams fan, however, I enjoyed reading this:

“I wanted to go to St. Louis the whole time,” Long said. I had an open mind this morning when I woke up and I just tried to stay as calm as possible. When I knew that I was going to be a St. Louis Ram, it was just a huge adrenaline rush. It’s the best moment of my life.”
– Chris Long

Long wasn’t the only solid Rams pick up in the Draft. Only the one I’m the most excited to see in action this year. It’s good to see the Rams understand the past history of busted DTs (Damione Lewis, Jimmy Kennedy) and decide to go with one of the safer picks of the draft. This guy has hall of fame bloodlines, veins. And now he’s going to be joining one of the youngest best lines in the league, along with Adam Carriker and Clifton Ryan (with a veteran playing opposite of Long in Leonard Little).

(SIDE NOTE: Did you notice that Howie Long looked quite slick in that Rams hat? Wonder if he’ll bring any FOX coverage to the Rams this year. I also wonder if there’s a future Rams D-Line coaching job in store for him.)

The one other pick I liked was the Donnie Avery pick. Many speculate that he’s a reach, but I disagree. He’ll fit well in Al Saunders’ system (Az-hir Hakim did, back in the day of the GSOT!), albeit undersized, due to his speed. With Torry Holt, a healthy Drew Bennett and Reche Caldwell, it’s going to be hard to fathom where the Rams will stick Avery, but for this pick to be considered a reach, I’m sure (hopefully) there’s some reasoning behind it.

What I don’t understand is the need for ANOTHER receiver (Keenan Burton). There’s enough depth at receiver for the Rams at the moment to hold off on another receiver. One lasting note that I will say is this: Alex Barron, if you’re not sweating yet, you will pretty soon. Time for Mr. False Start to become Mr. Better Quicker.

Mr. Irrelevant has just been drafted by the Rams and his name is David Vobora. Whoever the hell that is.


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