Two nights ago I finished Mitch Albom’s “For One More Day.” A short one at that (189 pages). It read like a novel, yet was a true story of Charles “Chick” Benetto’s attempted suicide where he faded/passed out into a miffed twilight and sought out to talk to his mother and see various other people he used to know from his life. It’s a touchy reason. Tears didn’t flow from me like everybody said they would have, but it was a book that taught an indelible lesson: time flies by, don’t take those you love for granted. I know we all hear the phrase, “don’t take those you love for granted” but I can speak from experience from my own personal losses that it’s one of the more truer all time phrases.

That’s a quick summary of For One More Day. Here’s some more in-depth thoughts on the book. The story opens up with the line, ” ‘You can either be a momma’s boy or daddy’s boy, Chick. So what’s it gonna be?’ That’s what my father told me.” Former once-upon-a-time Major Leaguer Charles “Chick” Benetto’s life is being washed away. He’s an excessive alcoholic, his wife left him, and his daughter — who had just gotten married — sent him photos of her wedding that he never about/she didn’t tell him about.

In a depressed rage, Chick finds himself reaching for one of the handguns in his apartment and leaving to the town where he grew up at, Pepperville Beach. Along the way he realizes he passed up an exit, and without seeking a turnoff, turns around only to slam into a semi-trailer. On impact, Chick flew threw the windshield of his car and landed nearby on a grassy knoll. Moments later, in a painful daze, he finds himself running away to the house he grew up in, in a painful daze. Finding a way instead, he hears his mother’s voice and instantly ventures to the porch to hide.

What transpires throughout the story is past events that Chick and his mother — who passed away eight years earlier — spent with each other. A list of “Times I did not stick up for my mother” and “Times my mother stuck up for me” appear throughout the book. Chick learns a valuable lesson and undertakes a new meaning on life as the story comes to a close.


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