I’m a little pissed off. I didn’t post about American Idol earlier in the year, which I previously thought I did.

I’m not a hardcore American Idol fan, or even watch it every week. In fact I haven’t paid it any heed in about four weeks now. Haven’t had the time or energy to tune in every Tuesday and Wednesday night.

But I do want to brag, loud and obnoxiously. In 2006, when the top 24 began, I predicted Taylor Hicks to win the ‘title’. Hell, I was miraculously right. At the time I figured it was a lucky guess since he was my favorite AI contestant that season.

I didn’t bother to watch the show in 2007. When 2008 rolls around, I began watching. When David Cook first performed the 60’s classic, Happy Together, I told myself aloud (yes, I said it), “David Cook will be the 2008 American Idol.” Well, he’s in the final six. And while the ‘champ’ of AI hasn’t been declared for 2008, I’m still sticking strong with my Cook pick, albeit being a little cocky himself on the stage. His rocking mechanics has gotten him this far, so if he can continue to rock out and sing songs to his par then he’ll be in good shape.

Though, to tell you the truth, I’m afraid the other David — Archuleta — may steal the win due to higher popularity. Gotta love America and its control over the hype of television shows.


3 thoughts on “I’m an American Idol Guru

  1. I don’t watch American Idol, but my sister and her husband do. I think they are rooting for a guy named David, but I may be remembering wrong. I guess it doesn’t matter since there are two Davids. 🙂

  2. Watched it with Mrs. Sportsattitude the year Hicks won. It was an ok diversion to see what the American public watches en masse, similar to watching Year One of Dancing With The Stars. Just didn’t need to see any more of either. Good Lord, it’s not like you can’t keep up with who gets voted off each week…the weekly results are treated like news stories in some areas.

  3. Yep. I’ll usually watch a few shows of it each year then I’ll completely ignore it/forget about it/watch something else for the rest of the time the season is on.

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