I was browsing through ESPN.com earlier today, skimming a few articles while giving them a couple cursory glances when I noticed the 2008 NFL Draft hats were being widely advertised, brought to you especially by the Worldwide Leader. Every year there are new draft hats made and people buy them — or at least I think they buy them, or else the fabrication of the said hats would be a little futile, don’t you think? Do people buy hats year after year? Asides from collectors, and of course people who generally enjoy throwing around money when they can, do diehard fans pick up their team’s newly updated draft hats every season? Why I’m asking is because it flashed over my mind while I was checking out some of the Worldwide Leader material and I felt the inevitable need to blog about it. I wouldn’t mind hearing some thoughts.

That’s that for the NFL Draft Hat evaluation of mine. Now, onto my thoughts on the Rams and their probable pick of Chris Long, if of course the Dolphins pull the trigger on Jake Long. I read an interesting article the other day (God, why do I have all these mentions of articles and no links?! I apologize) about how the Rams have struggled with defensive ends since Grant Wistrom bolted to sign with Seattle four years ago (and now he’s coaching a middle school weenie-league team somewhere in Southeast Missouri). Every Rams fan alike myself has thought about it, but have never delved into the intricacies of the failing ends.

While Leonard Little slowly degrades season after season — and while people forget his name — the Rams’ opposite defensive end becomes interchangeable. From Bryce Fisher (now a Seahawk) to Anthony Hargrove, the Rams have been a nonchalant challenge to opponents’ QBs who aren’t wanting a day of sack sandwiches. Double teams on Little, a pounding of the rookie that was Carriker, and you double up those two facts, and the Rams’ d-line is a mess.

Until now.

Chris Long is the Long-awaited arrival of a solid Rams D-lineman since said-Grant Wistrom. Even with Little entering the twilight of his career, the Long-Carriker-Little threat of the Rams d-line is nothing short of the said word ‘solid’. While James Hall will still be on the roster, Long should be able to gradually mold into the player that he’s expected to be. I don’t know about you think, but the Rams’ D will be patched up in at least one expect for the 2008 season, even if injuries contain them from stepping into the playoffs year after year.


One thought on “NFL Draft Hats and the Draft Itself

  1. If I did not have a crying need for depth at a position, I would trade away this year’s picks for next year. I just look at the top guys and think how much I’d like to sit this year out and take a run at next year’s class. There’s no clear cut #1 player and not even that many clear cut players at all the positions. Trade down and trade out…I would be stunned if anybody traded up into the top five for sure. As for those Draft hats, it is amazing how many people must buy this stuff each year…I wear the same half-dozen hats year round…

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