Y’know what I hate about blogging? The fact that I can’t get any in during the week — thank it all to the fact that my body’s wore out and tired by the time I sit down on my chair to get on the computer, that I can’t even pull out the mental fortitude to even read anything because my brain can’t catch up. The only time I can do anything mind-buzzing is on weekends, which is pathetic!

Before I move further on to anything, I want to link to a blog that my good ol’ buddy created here at WordPress, called [Insert Blog Title Here]. Yes, click it; it’s a real blog, not some hoax (if you think so because of the awkward title name).

Now, onto the NBA. The MVP picture, as for what I know, is still written up for anybody’s ball game, but the media seems to differ. They’ve nearly closed the door on LeBron James’ and Kevin Garnett’s respective candidacies for the award, while giving all the grapes and other fruits (perhaps the grapefruits) to Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul.

Now, kids, did anyone expect the Hornets to play as well as they did this season? *Raises hand with glee* Yeah, I predicted them as the dark horse for this year. With Peja Stojakovic, David West and Tyson Chandler healthy, the team’s like a mobster out to get any wise guys (like the Spurs, y’know?) that get in their way. They’ve managed to surprise, upset, and utterly dominate teams the whole season. And it’s all led by the little guy that’s running the point for the team — Chris Paul, in his third year in the league out of Wake Forest. He provides a horde of points, a cavalcade of assists, and a maul of steals. He’s a monster, and barring injuries, he could become the next great ‘one’ in the league (with him and Deron Williams battling it out as the best point guard in the league for years to come). What I see the pales in comparison to Kobe’s MVP candidacy is not that the Hornets are a lower seed than the Lakers for this year’s playoffs but for the reason that Paul is not the only one lifting up the Hornets. Where’s the credit given to Stojakovic, West and Chandler? The SWC (No, not the Southwestern Conference in any college sports divisions)? In the words of late, great Rodney Dangerfield, They get no respect. Could it be any truer? Give them some credit for a lot of it. Sure, without Paul, maybe they wouldn’t have gotten nearly this far. But ask yourself this: without the SWC, would Paul have gotten this team the same length? Hell to the no!

Kobe and the Lake Show locked up the Western Conference’s number one seed last night with a win over Sacramento (no surprise), but they’ve showed the magnitude of a winning team the whole year, and you can’t question that — you can only question the fact that they’ve lost quite a few games to teams they should easily beat. I’ve been skeptical about the Lakers the whole season and I’m just now jumping on their “they’re good, they’re good,” bandwagon, instead of the “eh, overrated, they’ll lose to the Spurs, easily” bandwagon. Kobe has made his MVP a study of reason, with the team carrying abilities he’s comprised this year, and the fact that the team is on top of the West; it’s all saying something, shorty. Kobe’s had these team carrying skills the past few years, while the Lakers — without Shaq — were playing not even near on par to what some people (more like: Lakers fans) expected of them. Once 2007 started, the Lakers took a step forward, unleashed the man encompassing the post (Andrew Bynum), and three months later they welcomed Pau Gasol onto the team. This team is going to be scary in the post season, especially with the perennial MVP, Kobe Bryant, keeping them in games. While I’m not 100 percent sold on the team’s abilities to make it to the NBA Finals, I’m still — at least I think I am — sold on the statement that they’re a damn good, maybe even great team.


One thought on “Managing the good ol’ Blogging Time, and Talkin’ Basketball

  1. I am sitting here on Saturday night watching Chris Paul in his NBA playoff debut with my jaw open. I have seen bits and pieces on highlights throughout the year but my God, he just blew open Game 1 against the Mavs single-handedly. The entire Hornet team looks a little in awe in the first half, but not so after intermission due to CP3. While I still have to give Kobe his MVP Award since his Lakers won the West (by a hair), Paul is clearly the only reason the Hornets even made the playoffs. And what a game earlier in the day – the Phoenix-San Antonio Game 1 was one for the books. Washington and Cleveland had quite a skirmish prior to that. If the rest of the NBA playoffs are like this, they might have gotten me back as a fan who might start paying attention to the regular season once more.

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